Which is best for you: Bed frame or Divan Base

People tend to make the choice between Divans and bed frames for different reasons. Bed frames tend to be chosen due to them being more pleasing to the eye whereas divans tend to be chosen for their sprung bases, drawers and/or because they tend to take up less space.

Here you will some features of both of the bed frame and divan bases and knowing that which one is best for you.

Most Selling Bed

  • Divan Bases: One of the most selling bed in the UK, is divan beds, and for good reason. Not only they are affordable but also simplest in its designing and manufacturing and elegant affordable than most other bed types and their comfort is unsurpassed. A divan bed’s best feature is arguably their ability to fit well in tight spaces, making them ideal if your bedroom is short on space. Cheap divan single bed UK is the new variations in the divan bases.
  • Bed Frames: 20 out of hundreds of people buy bed frames. As a good quality bed, the frame can last for many years.You can mix and match pretty much any mattress with any bed frame giving you a large number of options.

Best Features of Divan Bases

  • Many offer sprung bases which offer extra support, assist with the lifespan of the mattress and in many cases are designed specifically to work with the matching mattress.
  • Many have a drawer or other storage options which are neatly incorporated into the base.
  • Divan tends to take up less room than bed frames as they usually have the same width and length dimensions as the mattress.
  • This could be particularly advantageous if you are positioning the bed between fitted wardrobes.
  • Headboards can be changed to change the whole look of a room at a much lower cost than changing a frame.
  • Some mattress is only suitable for a divan base.
  • There is also storage option in divan bases in the form of drawers and boxes.

Best Features of Bed Frame

  • Bed frames can be a true focal point to a room’s interior styling.
  • Bed frames are suitable in many styles, colours and materials.
  • Bed frames are available in many heights and sizes.
  • A good quality bed frame can last for many years.
  • You can mix and match pretty much any mattress with any bed frame giving you a large number of options.
  • A numerous and luxurious designs comes in bed frames.
  • The storage option in bed frames is larger in width and height as compared to divan bases

Why not buy Divan Bases

  • Divan bases aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as many frames.
  • The storage in the drawers may not be as big as space under many bed frames
Why not buy Bed Frames
  • Some mattresses are not suitable for slatted bases
  • Bed frames may not be as good for the mattress as a sprung base
  • They tend to take up much more space due to posts, side rails, head ends and foot ends

From the above discussion, we come to the conclusion that both offer some positive point and as well as some negative points. It is up to you, that which one is suits your requirements and needs.

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