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Bucket List for Your First Shared Apartment’s Bedroom

September 1, 2016
Moving out of the parents’ house is indeed a big step. One that you will remember till the end of your days. But let me remind you, there is a long list of people that regret a number of choices they made in choosing the apartment as well as what goes in it. But no need to fret, I am here to help you with that situation. Choosing the items to be bought for your first apartment needs a lot of thought and planning. And most of you will be short on cash, holding out menial jobs while moving through the final years of grad schools. The solution is to find used or cheap furniture, that you can live with for two years max. After that, hopefully things will start to look better.

Bedroom Furniture:

Obviously, your bedroom will be pretty much the only place that only belongs to you, so start from there. The rest of the furniture will be shares among the roommates so there will be more contribution to buy that…hopefully!

Get the Right Bed:

Anyways, the shore shot way to save money, get a cheap ottoman bed. And here are the reasons for this to be the first on your bucket list: • Ottoman bed will make you room look like not so immature. It has elegance that enhances the look of any room you place it in. • Since you are getting a cheap ottoman bed, there will be budget to spend on other much needed items as well. • There will be no need for extra side tables or wardrobes. • It will prove very handy to move in case you change apartments or location. All your possessions can be safely tucked in the bed while it is being moved and you won’t even need to pay extra for all the items moved. Picture1

Study Table is a Must:

Since we have eliminated the need for side tables and wardrobe, the next item to get would be a study table and a comfortable chair. This can also act as your impromptu side table for keeping everyday things handy.  
Everyone Needs a Vanity:
The next thing to get for your room, get a nice mirror and vanity. This one is particularly important for girls (I know, obvious much!) but invest in a vanity that matches your ottoman bed and your room is pretty much set. Picture2
Lighting, Because We Don’t Want Your Eyes to Hurt:
For lighting, you can do either of these two things. First option is to get bed side lamps, or hanging ones that don’t require side tables. Or if you get an ottoman bed with iron or wooden paned headboard, you can attach stringed lights with it. It will look cute and will be very easily affordable.  

Amazing Collection of Furniture Products for Small Houses

July 19, 2016

House is a place where we lived with our family and children. We need our houses luxurious looking and peaceful. In practical about 65% of the peoples lived in small houses. Furnishing small houses is a tricky process which required a lot of attention and knowledge about different items which can be fit easily in small space without any difficulty.

At our sites you will find a lot of blogs about home furnishing, decorating and guides to buying your new furniture but we feel that we have to miss some information at our site from where our customers take a lot of advantage. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the people are facing difficulties in searching the perfect solution for furniture for their small houses. Here we have a list of clever space-saving furniture products that we’ve collected will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Small Bedroom Furniture

For a small bedroom, you need to select storage or bunk bed. Ottoman storage double bed add a luxurious look to your home décor. Storage bed is just like a bed with two different functionality one is to provide a peaceful space for sleeping and underneath the bed there is a storage option where you can store all your extra bedding, accessories, and many other spare and unused things and keep your bedroom clutter free, clean and luxurious and give an elegant look to your bedroom. Some of the amazing style ottoman storage double bed is given here which you can buy from many online stores at a very cheap price.

  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening
  • Monza Storage Bed Double Tan
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Caxton Storage PU King Size Bed
  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening

Bunk beds also save a lot of your bedroom space as bunk bed occupy the space of one bed and offer two or more bed. Some of the bunk beds for small bedroom are:

  • Fiesta bunk bed
  • Alexa Tripple sleeper
  • Montreal Bunk bed
  • Tripoli Solid Wood Triple Sleeper Bed

Living Room Furniture

Many online store offer one-seater, two-seater, three-seater, recliners, corner-suite, sofa with left/right comfortable and all modern designs that could add to the perfection you want in your living area. The different colours include grey, black, brown, white, cream & red; select what complements the other furniture and the look of your room. Some of the cheapest and space saving sofas for your living room is:

  • Camden Jumbo Cord Fabric Sofas
  • Candy Corner Sofa
  • Amy Corner Sofa Leather
  • BRAND NEW Bergamo Corner Sofa Fabric Grey Right or Left Side Comfortable

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is not only a gathering point for family and friends but also a focal point in the home. One of the main and most important parts of the dining room is the dining table sets which consider as the centrepiece of any dining room. Practically people needs their dining table set strong and sturdy as the rock, comfortable accommodating, long-lasting and, in some instance even flexible in shape and size. Dining room furniture collections for small space are:
  • Aldridge High Gloss Dining Table White with Black Glass Top 4 chairs
  • Adina Black Dining Set Small 4 Cyprus Chairs
  • Eclipse Black Dining Set with 4 PU Chairs Chrome & Black

Benefits of Having Ottoman Storage Bed

May 17, 2016

Ottoman storage bed is an ideal solution for those who want to make the most of their space. Storage bed has two main functionalities like offer comfortable place to sleep with the added bonus of extra places to hide things away under-bed drawers or a lift-up ottoman design can maximize storage in a smaller bedroom in a way that combines function with luxury.

Storage Option in Bedroom

One of the essential and important elements of every home is storage, accommodating a wide range of items from glassware and crockery, to clothes and bedding. At our home bedroom is considered one of the personal place and it is here that we store the things we need to access every day – including clothes, shoes, jewelry and sometimes toiletries and books.  WOODLERS store UK offer ottoman storage at an affordable price which full-fill your all storage requirements in your bedroom and also add luxurious and make your bedroom a center of attraction. Some of WOODLERS Ottoman storage beds are

  • Kenneth ottoman storage bed
  • Savona PU ottoman storage bed
  • Harrogate 4 drawer ottoman storage bed
  • Quartz PU uplift ottoman storage bed

Personal storage needs differ, both in terms of type and size. But it is to everybody’s advantage to create a storage system that is well-planned and suitable for one’s personal needs.  Within the bedroom, storage may be in the form of built-in cupboards, freestanding wardrobes, chests of drawers, shelving, bed side units, dressing tables with drawers, and even ottoman storage beds.

storage divan bed

Having of More “Closet Space” in Term of Storage Bed

The obvious advantage to ottoman storage bed frame is the extra space it gives inhabitants. When your closets are filled with clothes and other items and there is no place for saving and keeping more things in your wardrobe, then ottoman storage bed can help you manage your living area better and provide a lot of storage space where you can store your extra knick knacks easily.

Space Saving Option

Space saving is one of the main benefit of having ottoman storage bed. Purchasing an additional cabinet or chest will occupy precious space, which can be a trouble in a reasonably sized bedroom. Substituting your typical bed with a storage bed will offer you a fairly sized and effortlessly reachable storage space exclusive of taking up any extra ground.  It’s time to buy your new ottoman bed form WOODLERS store UK at an affordable price with free delivery services all over UK and one day delivery services in London

ottoman bed

Safety Advice of Buying Ottoman Storage Beds

Use the following steps while buying ottoman storage bed online.

  • Check the dimension of your bed which you are going to buy, with respect to your bedroom available space.
  • Check that how much storage and sharing you want?
  • Select the style of storage option which you want as ottomans beds have different style of storage option.

WOODLERS Ottoman Storage Beds

You will surprised to know that WOODLERS in now introducing new Ottoman beds a perfect choice for small bedroom. Most of our Ottoman storage beds are comes with a sprung slatted base having many benefit and positive points from a platform top which is a solid base and is very supportive. Harrogate 4 drawer double bed in contemporary style, made with PU faux leather finishing. A good looking design, provide you with maximum utility in the bed because of the storage. This cheap ottoman storage double bed Has, 4 drawers for storage options. WOODLERS Ottoman storage bed save a lot of your bedroom space as this storage bed is just like two in one mean a storage option is an extra addition for you’re to save a lot of un-needed things and also a perfect choice for small bedroom.