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Wallpaper Creating Projects for your Living Room

September 30, 2016
Living room is considered one of the most useful rooms in house, and the space of the living room is designed according to the personal needs and requirements of the individual. Living room is the heart of any home. And everybody needs modern comfortable furniture in the living room to make them feel good. As it is common to all of us that living room is the most used room in any home, the hub of a house, especially for a family to undergo leisure activities, entertaining guests, etc.Many online stores offer living room furniture which can cause a lot of trouble and complication for you, like where to pick your new, attractive and quality living room furniture from, and whether I am getting the best deal monetarily or not. Here you will find some of the incredible wallpaper design ideas for your living room which will help you in creating your living room as a centre of attraction.

Wallpaper above your Sofas

Living room wallpaper can create a whole new look in your space. Use a wallpaper design to add pattern to a room, to highlight a specific wall or feature, to frame an attractive piece of furniture, such as a sofa or a console, or simply to complement or contrast with the colours in your scheme. Add some colourful and flower wallpaper above the blank area of your cheap leather sofas i.e. Amy sofas in London.

Floral Wallpaper on each of the Walls of Living Room

A floral wallpaper design needn’t be traditional, there are plenty of contemporary designs that incorporate flora and fauna motifs. Tree wallpaper, will give a room a whimsical feel.  The DIY painting expert can easily paint the floral wall, but if you cannot afford the expenses of the wall painting expert, buy some floral wallpaper from the market and paste it on the walls of the living room, which also gives and attractive and a wonder-full look to your living room décor and compliment the rest of your home décor.

Wallpaper with Chrome Effect

The choice of the right wallpapers for the living room may be a difficult task as the market offers an enormous variety of colours, ornaments, textures and materials. Before you spend money on new wallpapers, look at this stunning living room wallpaper idea. This light colour and shiny art drawing wallpaper makes your living room a contemporary one. Around the LCD wall of your living room this wallpaper create a centre of attraction which attract everyone as they enter into your living room.
Matching Wallpaper to Rest of the Interior
Be practical – the living room accommodates guests and family so you need something that matches your interior and would not accumulate grease. Most designers will advise you to avoid black or white wallpapers and choose any other colour. Grey and green colour combination makes your living room more luxurious and wonderful. Coloured wallpaper can easily transform any living room into a sophisticated room.Fabric wallpapers is also one solution in coloured wallpaper which easily transform the vision of the living room and are very suitable for classic renaissance interiors. These wallpapers will be a real highlight of the room.

Decorating Your Loft Space to Perfection

August 30, 2016
Being the younger one of the household, I was always left with stuff no one else wants. Clothes they didn’t want to wear or furniture they didn’t need. That is how I got stuck with having my bedroom in the loft no one wanted. It was small and cramped and the ceiling was low. But little did they know, I had my eye on the loft for a very long time. Because I knew, with just a touch of furnishing adjustment and some smart thinking, the room would look amazing, which it does now. So I am going to share my pet tips with you to make the loft seem airy and spacious and in general, amazing!

Getting the Right Curtains:

Some lofts don’t have curtains but if you have, you have struck gold. Decorate your windows with the most sheer, light and flowy curtains you can find. They will instantly give the room a light and airy affect. Keep the color of the curtains light, for the same reasons. Bright colors will draw attention and make the loft seem small.

Choose The Right Furniture:

The most important furniture you need to get right is the bed. Get a double bed for the loft; it is more comfortable than a single one and doesn’t take up the entire space as a queen or king size. If you are self-financing the renovation then go for a simple double bed, with light wooden or iron headboard. Get a nice two or maximum three door wardrobe preferably with a mirror to save space. Do not get side tables, they will just take up unnecessary space. Assign a compartment for your makeup in the wardrobe and a chair by the side. This will reduce the need to get a full size vanity that you don’t have the space to fit into. Picture1

Light up the Place Strategically:

A loft is no place for luxurious lampshades. The best way is to get hanging lamps by the bed, or you can go the cute way and use string lights around the headboard of your double bed to get the lighting.
Put Up a Wall Shoe rack:
Obviously you don’t have space to get a rack or install one so here is what you should do. Have you watched ‘Me Before You’? of course you have. Make a rack on your wall by simple wooden rods and display your collection proudly. Also, it will fill up the wall, saving money from otherwise needing to decorate it. Picture2
Paint the place cleverly:
As with the curtains, use light and soft colors for the loft. Stripes give the illusion of a longer space, so try to incorporate them in at least one of the walls. Mirrors also make the place look big, so ditch the useless paintings and go for strategically placed mirrors for the loft Keep the rest of the walls plain and with minimal wall decoration. It will make the space look airy. So there you go guys, follow these simple tips and create yourself such a beautiful place to sleep, everyone will be envious of it.