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Decorating Your Loft Space to Perfection

August 30, 2016
Being the younger one of the household, I was always left with stuff no one else wants. Clothes they didn’t want to wear or furniture they didn’t need. That is how I got stuck with having my bedroom in the loft no one wanted. It was small and cramped and the ceiling was low. But little did they know, I had my eye on the loft for a very long time. Because I knew, with just a touch of furnishing adjustment and some smart thinking, the room would look amazing, which it does now. So I am going to share my pet tips with you to make the loft seem airy and spacious and in general, amazing!

Getting the Right Curtains:

Some lofts don’t have curtains but if you have, you have struck gold. Decorate your windows with the most sheer, light and flowy curtains you can find. They will instantly give the room a light and airy affect. Keep the color of the curtains light, for the same reasons. Bright colors will draw attention and make the loft seem small.

Choose The Right Furniture:

The most important furniture you need to get right is the bed. Get a double bed for the loft; it is more comfortable than a single one and doesn’t take up the entire space as a queen or king size. If you are self-financing the renovation then go for a simple double bed, with light wooden or iron headboard. Get a nice two or maximum three door wardrobe preferably with a mirror to save space. Do not get side tables, they will just take up unnecessary space. Assign a compartment for your makeup in the wardrobe and a chair by the side. This will reduce the need to get a full size vanity that you don’t have the space to fit into. Picture1

Light up the Place Strategically:

A loft is no place for luxurious lampshades. The best way is to get hanging lamps by the bed, or you can go the cute way and use string lights around the headboard of your double bed to get the lighting.
Put Up a Wall Shoe rack:
Obviously you don’t have space to get a rack or install one so here is what you should do. Have you watched ‘Me Before You’? of course you have. Make a rack on your wall by simple wooden rods and display your collection proudly. Also, it will fill up the wall, saving money from otherwise needing to decorate it. Picture2
Paint the place cleverly:
As with the curtains, use light and soft colors for the loft. Stripes give the illusion of a longer space, so try to incorporate them in at least one of the walls. Mirrors also make the place look big, so ditch the useless paintings and go for strategically placed mirrors for the loft Keep the rest of the walls plain and with minimal wall decoration. It will make the space look airy. So there you go guys, follow these simple tips and create yourself such a beautiful place to sleep, everyone will be envious of it.

Incredible Choices of Double Beds

May 11, 2016

Bed is considered to be the important elements in the bedroom furniture. Double beds are known to be a very important element in the bedroom furniture. The selection of double bed is a complex task which takes a lot of time for making the right decisions about which bed to buy we spend approximately 8 to 10 hours on our beds. A bed normally stays for around 7-10 years so making the right decision is important.

In today life where internet is an important part our life through which we can easily access to any part of the world. Many online furniture stores are available for selling their product through internet. Each year the trends and style of double beds is change. You should keep in mind the following important question while buying your double beds. You need to ask yourself that for which room you are buying the double bed.

  • How often you will be using the bed?
  • The bed you are buying is for guest room or for your own room or is it for the kids’ room? Knowing where the bed would be placed is important.
  • Is the room too big or small? The structure and design of the bed also has an impact on the overall bedroom.

Luxury Styles in Double Beds

Double beds make the bedroom more attractive, luxurious and elegant. Many online furniture stores offer a lot of different variety of double beds. From traditional to contemporary styles of bed make an awesome look to anyone bedroom décor.

  • Leather Double Beds: If you like leather furniture and wan to buy leather bed for your bedroom and confuse among the different varieties of available leather beds. Leather is a great combination on most home furniture and will finely establish a satisfying outcome for those who are pursuing on building a modern interior design theme. Nothing can beat the luxurious feeling of leather double bed after a busy working day. The double bed which is shown in the figure below is Dakar Leather Double Bed which is made from faux leather material. The perfect thing about leather bed is that they will not go out of style. Striking button design in most of the leather bed design adds a sophisticated and attractive look to bedroom décor.
  • Storage Option in Double Beds: You are surprised to know that a double bed with storage option is also available. A storage double bed is just like a bed with under bed. Storage bed is a perfect choice for small bedroom. Most of the people are living in a small home, so in this case it is difficult to find places to store everything. In this case storage bed is one option which gives you opportunity to free up space in your wardrobes and on shelves etc. by keeping some of rarely used item in storage space available in double bed. Different styles of storage option are found in double bed design such as:
    • Drawer option
    • Twix (Front Opening)
    • Side Opening
    • 2D Half Opening
    • Half Opening

Contemporary Style Double Beds

Double beds in contemporary style adding a good level of practicality into the bedroom. Contemporary style double bed is a perfect choice for modern bedroom.

Furnish your Home from German Furniture UK with WOODLERS

April 14, 2016
Select traditional and modern style German furniture which gives exclusive, smart and elegant look to your house. Many online furniture stores offer living room, dining room, and bedroom furniture in different designs that fully suit your requirements and complement your lifestyle. We believe that home is where the heart is and at home you should be surrounded by the people and the things that you love, so pick your sofas, bed and mattresses, wardrobes and cabinet in German style for the stunning and modern look to your home. Online furniture stores are providing safe and secure online furniture shopping and home ware shopping. Quality is the key for our furniture pieces but individuality is important to us too and we bring the best of contemporary furniture design in German style to the UK, online and in store.

Living Room Furniture

The UK living room collection features wall storage systems, coffee tables, cabinets, sideboards and display cabinets with style and functionality always being the priority. Many UK online store offers modern furniture ranges for the living room includes modern leather sofas and armchairs, funky lounge chairs, useful coffee tables, TVs cabinets, chairs and stools, trolley, benches, lamp tables and console tables, contemporary sideboards, trendy TV units, stylish high gloss display cabinets and units and other desirable items of contemporary furniture, all sourced from UK.

Bedroom Room Furniture

Bedroom furniture that gives you space to store your things (in a way that means you’ll find them again). You can buy your bedroom furniture online and many online stores have collection to suit all tastes from storage beds, metal beds, high gloss lacquered beds, some with matching bedside cabinets, chest of drawers, dressing table, and roomy wardrobe’s that gave awesome and pleasant look to your bedroom. Select cheap double bed from WOODLERS for your bedroom and furnish your bedroom from new style of bed.

Dining Room Furniture

Online branded furniture stores are made for you and have the highest quality sustainable dining room furniture set in all taste. The sleek, contemporary dining tables, extending dining tables, dining chairs and cabinets are designed to suit all lifestyles and last a lifetime. The collection includes furniture and accessories for the dining room UK-based are dining chairs, dining tables, dining set with 2/4/6 chairs from traditional to contemporary and modern style and gave an elegant look to your dining room as you want.

Fascinating Ideas to Décor your Home

It is the undying wish of every person that they always wanted to make their house as their imagination world and decorate them in much good and attractive manner. But sometimes the people are not fully successful in making their house much stunning because they are not much aware from all the ideas that are revolving with the home decoration world.
  • Preparing Budget
    • Firstly, you must decide that which sections of the house are badly demanding to be decorated. You should be considerate enough to make the list of all the items and even fix up the budget as well so that you do not feel any expenditure troubles in the middle of the
  • Wall paints
    • As regard the wall paints have been mentioned then always make the use of light and soft shades because the dark color make the house much irritating for the guest. As we think about the less budget then the person should give its maximum attention at the changing of rugs and mats at huge scale. They can even make the use of hanging painting on the walls.
  • Decoration accessories
    • Moreover, if the person has been much less with the budget then they can even transfer the decoration accessories from one place to another. For example, they can exchange the dining room furniture with the bedroom and place the study room accessories in the children room.
  • Walls and Painting
    • In addition to it, the placement of walls and painting can be the best choice at the place of fire place of the house. You can even decorate the dining room and main hall with all the memorable and special pictures of the family members.
  • Hooks and Hangers
    • If you’re fed up with coats, bags, Abaya and scarves living on your bedroom floor, then it’s the right time to put your walls in use. Invest in a few well-placed hooks and shelving units to help your floor and surfaces stay uncluttered.
Multi-Tasking Features
If you’ve got the time, why not customize your bedroom so it’s multi-functional. You could create some shelving that doubles as a home office desk or install some modern hanging light pendants either side of your bed to replace the traditional bedside lamps – it will also free up some vital space for other bedside essentials! Or, if you have the space, swap your bedside units for a large low-line chest of drawers that will double up as somewhere to keep all of your possessions.