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Decorating Your Loft Space to Perfection

August 30, 2016
Being the younger one of the household, I was always left with stuff no one else wants. Clothes they didn’t want to wear or furniture they didn’t need. That is how I got stuck with having my bedroom in the loft no one wanted. It was small and cramped and the ceiling was low. But little did they know, I had my eye on the loft for a very long time. Because I knew, with just a touch of furnishing adjustment and some smart thinking, the room would look amazing, which it does now. So I am going to share my pet tips with you to make the loft seem airy and spacious and in general, amazing!

Getting the Right Curtains:

Some lofts don’t have curtains but if you have, you have struck gold. Decorate your windows with the most sheer, light and flowy curtains you can find. They will instantly give the room a light and airy affect. Keep the color of the curtains light, for the same reasons. Bright colors will draw attention and make the loft seem small.

Choose The Right Furniture:

The most important furniture you need to get right is the bed. Get a double bed for the loft; it is more comfortable than a single one and doesn’t take up the entire space as a queen or king size. If you are self-financing the renovation then go for a simple double bed, with light wooden or iron headboard. Get a nice two or maximum three door wardrobe preferably with a mirror to save space. Do not get side tables, they will just take up unnecessary space. Assign a compartment for your makeup in the wardrobe and a chair by the side. This will reduce the need to get a full size vanity that you don’t have the space to fit into. Picture1

Light up the Place Strategically:

A loft is no place for luxurious lampshades. The best way is to get hanging lamps by the bed, or you can go the cute way and use string lights around the headboard of your double bed to get the lighting.
Put Up a Wall Shoe rack:
Obviously you don’t have space to get a rack or install one so here is what you should do. Have you watched ‘Me Before You’? of course you have. Make a rack on your wall by simple wooden rods and display your collection proudly. Also, it will fill up the wall, saving money from otherwise needing to decorate it. Picture2
Paint the place cleverly:
As with the curtains, use light and soft colors for the loft. Stripes give the illusion of a longer space, so try to incorporate them in at least one of the walls. Mirrors also make the place look big, so ditch the useless paintings and go for strategically placed mirrors for the loft Keep the rest of the walls plain and with minimal wall decoration. It will make the space look airy. So there you go guys, follow these simple tips and create yourself such a beautiful place to sleep, everyone will be envious of it.

White Double Bed; Gives your Room a Simple yet Modern Look

March 22, 2016
Simplicity at its max! A white double bed looks really simple and elegant in a bedroom, from traditional to contemporary styles they add a complete balance in the room. The white double bed never goes out of style; they add a sense of sophistication in the room. The white double bed makes more room for light into the area. WOODLERS Store UK offers their different variety of  double beds for sale with free deliverer services all over UK these double beds which we offer at sale price add luxurious to your bedroom and give them a unique and awesome look. The double beds in white color come in a lot of materials:
  • Leather beds in white color
  • Wooden white painted bed
  • Gloss textured white double bed
  • Iron rod in white for double bed

Benefit of having a white double bed:

White double beds can also be obtained with storage drawers. They are highly practical and provide ample of storage space for placing the bed linens, cushions and pillows into them. With white double bed one also gets left with lots of room for experimentation. You can experiment with color options and various shades because the bedroom looks really elegant with a white double bed in the middle of room and other colors balance out with the bed. White double bed looks really gorgeous in any type of bedroom settings; you just need to be a little careful with mixing other furniture items with the bed. White pops up other colors used in the room. Now a day, there is a lot of trend of white double bed with buttoned pattern detailing and they are made with faux leather, they look very sophisticated and simple. They add a sense of simplicity at max. White color has a lot of benefits to the health. It gives a relaxing look to the eyes. Here we will also give you some idea how you can enhance the whole appearance of your white double bed. 1

A complete white bedroom; more light and more space:

A complete white double bed with patterned button headboard with high foot end gives the bedroom a very nice and elegant look. It accommodates a lot of light into the room.

Using other colors with white furniture items:

We can see in this image how a white double bed along with white fabric sofa are used in the bedroom with a little hint of grey colored furniture in the room. It is giving a sense of royalty to the room. white bed With your white double bed in your bedroom you can use contrast colors in your curtains. Grey, pinks and blues are the colors which would blend in nicely with a white double bed. They enhance and make the room look lively and give out a very relaxing atmosphere to the whole room. curtains

White double bed, best for girly rooms:

White colored furniture items look really good for a girly bedroom. With a white double bed you can add some glitter into the room either in the bed cushions or through some lights.
Paint the walls in contrast:
For more space illusion inthe room, paint the walls in some light color like blue. The image shown below has a very small space but the way room is designed and color of wall is complimenting the room really well. White and blue are colors which blend in really well and give room a lot of space even if it’s small. And using beds with low foot ends with open space acts as space saving solution in the room.

Find the Cool Edge for your Double Bed Linens

December 9, 2015

Bed linens and double beds both go with each other. Both the things need to be in contrast with each other in every way whether it is their design, their colors or their fabric. If your double bed is in white color and you use a black color bed linen all over your mattress, that look will not turn out very good. This way the whole bed would give a very dark impression. Whenever selecting covers, sheets and linens for the double beds make sure you mix and match them well and use colors in contrast. Make sure the colors you use go with the double bed headboard and the whole bed as well. We have mentioned some points which will get you some ideas for your double bed covers and sheets.

Keep it simple:

Don’t go with too much of patterns and designs if you already have more detailed furniture and your double bed headboard has some patterned or buttoned design on it, or the wall behind your double bed is in darker shades. Keep the bed linens of your double bed simple then. Having a lot of design or pattern on it would give a messy look to the whole bedroom.


Stay classy:

Make sure your double bed and the linens you use for the bed are in contrast to each other. Being classy and it simply never goes out of style. A messy look or too much of detail and design in everything present in your room won’t give a very nice look. It’s important for the double bed, bed covers and linens to go hand in hand, this adds a structure to the whole bedroom furniture and gives more organized structure.


Find the right colors:

When you decide which double bed you need to buy for your bedroom, do keep in mind that what would be the best color that would go with the overall outlook of the room. After that find the right bed linens would be an easy task for you. Light shaded linens used on your double bed give a look of more space in the whole bedroom.


Pick the right fabric:

While choosing the linens for your double bed do make time to properly consider the material. The material of the fabric used in the linens and covers should be soft and comfortable, because all the linens touch the skin and at the end of the day you sleep in the bed, it needs to be comfortable enough to provide you good 8 hour sleep. It is important to find the right one that it will not cause any skin irritation. Give proper consideration to the fact that you invest in good linens, a good quality and double bed along with the mattress.


The choices are unlimited:

Find out the colors that would go with the double bed frame, the colors you love and then use those bed linens on your double bed mattress. Don’t just go after something because everyone is doing it. It’s your bedroom so it definitely should have your say in it. Just don’t jump on the bandwagon and go along with it. Just don’t follow the trend because every other person is doing it this way. Probably those trends won’t look good in your home settings.

Finding perfect covers and sheets for your double bed is not difficult. You just need to take care of the points mentioned above and you will get the right material, design and color for the linens which will be perfect for your double bed.