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Bucket List for Your First Shared Apartment’s Bedroom

September 1, 2016
Moving out of the parents’ house is indeed a big step. One that you will remember till the end of your days. But let me remind you, there is a long list of people that regret a number of choices they made in choosing the apartment as well as what goes in it. But no need to fret, I am here to help you with that situation. Choosing the items to be bought for your first apartment needs a lot of thought and planning. And most of you will be short on cash, holding out menial jobs while moving through the final years of grad schools. The solution is to find used or cheap furniture, that you can live with for two years max. After that, hopefully things will start to look better.

Bedroom Furniture:

Obviously, your bedroom will be pretty much the only place that only belongs to you, so start from there. The rest of the furniture will be shares among the roommates so there will be more contribution to buy that…hopefully!

Get the Right Bed:

Anyways, the shore shot way to save money, get a cheap ottoman bed. And here are the reasons for this to be the first on your bucket list: • Ottoman bed will make you room look like not so immature. It has elegance that enhances the look of any room you place it in. • Since you are getting a cheap ottoman bed, there will be budget to spend on other much needed items as well. • There will be no need for extra side tables or wardrobes. • It will prove very handy to move in case you change apartments or location. All your possessions can be safely tucked in the bed while it is being moved and you won’t even need to pay extra for all the items moved. Picture1

Study Table is a Must:

Since we have eliminated the need for side tables and wardrobe, the next item to get would be a study table and a comfortable chair. This can also act as your impromptu side table for keeping everyday things handy.  
Everyone Needs a Vanity:
The next thing to get for your room, get a nice mirror and vanity. This one is particularly important for girls (I know, obvious much!) but invest in a vanity that matches your ottoman bed and your room is pretty much set. Picture2
Lighting, Because We Don’t Want Your Eyes to Hurt:
For lighting, you can do either of these two things. First option is to get bed side lamps, or hanging ones that don’t require side tables. Or if you get an ottoman bed with iron or wooden paned headboard, you can attach stringed lights with it. It will look cute and will be very easily affordable.  

Turn Your Child Bedroom Clutter into Neatness

July 26, 2016

Child bedroom is a place for adventure and a place for kids to learn and explore. Decorating children’s bedrooms can be a challenge, considering that the rooms will need to grow and change as they mature. That is why we bring to you some top tips on how to manage the child bedroom clutter and how to decorate your children’s bedrooms.

Theme Selection

You need to do a little research about the different available themes of child bedroom. You need to browse the net, magazines and some book and observe all the available themes. After searching for too many themes select the one which is according to your lifestyle and also liked by your kids. For a boy rooms, you might pick the dinosaurs or spiderman theme. For girl’s room, you might go for the princess or fairy tale style room.


Follow the following tips for selecting furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

  • When buying furniture, remember this tip: The simpler it is, the more flexible it is.
  • For removing all the bedroom clutter you need to select storage bed which offer a lot of storage option underneath the bed such as cheap ottoman storage single bed
  • Go with a style of furniture that has simple lines. A bed that’s shaped like a race car is great for a 7-year-old, but when he’s 13 it’s going to be time to buy new furniture.
  • Timber and oak wood are wonderful choices in furniture since they work well with any color and can be used for a child at any age.
  • Kids are fond of storage; you need to make storage easily by keeping a storage wardrobe in their room. Keep all the storage space and things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily.

How Big Is The Room?

Consider the size of the bedroom before planning. Having patterned and wallpaper on each wall of the room could really make a bedroom look too crowded and chaotic. Try wall stickers (picture to the right) to add character to your child’s bedroom or adds some patterned wallpaper on one wall and not the all.


Adding accessories to your kid’s room truly bring it to life. Accessories don’t necessary to be expensive, buy simple things like mobile or ornamentals decorations. Such things as butterfly lights, spider man status, fairy tale doll and heart lights always work well in child’s bedroom.

Walls Features

There are so many choices for kids nowadays. If you and you and the family have been to Disney and your kids got a picture with their favorite Disney character why not, turn it into wallpaper. With customised wallpapers available anything is possible. Check your local art and crafts store for peel-and-stick cork. You can cut out any shape, simply peel off the backing and attach to any wall for fun pin-up space.


Storage Option

Children’s are fond of storage things such as toys, books, ornaments, and other bits and pieces. Don’t just throw everything’s under the bed or in the wardrobe. Add some creative storage to a kid’s bedroom will add to the fun, like alphabetic shelves in the picture below.


Ottoman Bed – All you Required in a Bed

March 15, 2016
Nothing can contradict the reality that all we need after having a busy and exhausting day of work is a perfectly sound sleep, which is not possible without a comfortable bed and mattress. You will surprise to know that WOODLERS offer a wide range of bed with storage space which saves a lot of your bedroom space, which tend to an amazingly refreshing sleep night after night. [/vc_column_text]
Ottoman Bed

One of the most important investments in your lives is bed, especially when you spend a third or half of your life in it. If you feel depression about the quality of your sleep, it’s perhaps time to buying a new bed and replaces it with your new one. We suggest you to change your bed at most or at least 8-10 years. This is because the fact that 75% material use in beds is destroy after 10 years of use.

Ottoman beds at WOODLERS store UK are multi-task. Here in this article i am going to describe you some of the information of ottoman bed which will help you in the understanding of which type of bed it is.

Ottoman Bed Storage Option

  • They provide a stylish and peaceful sleep, with the addition of storage option where you can store all of your bits and bobs.
  • Ottoman beds offer an inventive and creative solution to the most common and age old problem of not having enough room to store things in your home.
  • By keeping in mind the storage problem the same concept of an ottoman storage bed is used in which a bed is hinged at the top with storage space underneath.
  • You can easily operate on hydraulic lifts, and lift up the frame from the bottom to the top.
  • When you buy a storage bed you are going to buying to pieces of furniture for the price of one, ottoman storage bed. It means there is an option of two in one.
2 drawer ottoman bed

Different types of ottoman Beds

Most of the ottoman beds come with a sprung slatted base having many benefit and positive points from a platform top which is a solid base and is very supportive. Harrogate 4 drawer double bed in contemporary style, made with PU faux leather finishing. A good looking design, provide you with maximum utility in the bed because of the storage. This cheap ottoman storage double bed Has, 4 drawers for storage options

Ottoman Storage double bed
Other Cheap ottoman beds at WOODLERS are:
  • Caxton Storage PU King Size Bed
  • Cheap Ottoman Storage single Bed Fusion
  • Ottoman Double Bed with storage option
  • Ottoman 4 foot beds

Benefits of Ottoman storage bed

Most of the people are living in a small home, so in this case it is difficult to find places to store everything. In this case ottoman storage bed is one option which gives you opportunity to free up space in your wardrobes and on shelves etc. by keeping some of rarely used item in storage space available in ottoman storage bed. All ottoman beds available at WOODLERS have different storage option you can choose the one which fulfill your requirements. You can buy all these storage bed at a very cheap and affordable price from WOODLERS store UK.

Keep in Mind

When shopping for the ottoman bed, consider how much extra storage you’d like to have.

  • 2 drawers- single beds have drawers on the same side or at the foot end.
  • 4 drawers – tend to be available on small double and larger beds.
  • End drawer only – either slide drawer or pull-out.
  • Ottoman Single slide storage – great for accessing storage in tight spaces.
  • Ottoman storage option
    • Half opening
    • 2 Draw half opening
    • Side opening
Ottoman Storage Bed