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Cheap Double Bed Options, You’d Want to Buy Today

July 28, 2016

Double beds are a must these days. Why do I say that? Let me tell you. Back in the ancient times when siblings used to get along with each other (most of the time), parents just put them in the same room and each one would have a single bed and a side rack to accommodate their belongings. That just does not happen these days. Unless you want one of them to conk the other one on the head in the night, that is.

Consider your Choice

Everyone wants their own personal space these days. They want to have their privacy and separate rooms. A single bed in the middle of a huge room just doesn’t seem appealing. A double bed fills in space a lot better and looks natural in a one-bedroom setting. Teenagers, especially girls,are a huge fan of all the pillows you can get’ and that requires a bed bigger than a single one.  As for the boys, well, they just want a huge and comfy space while they sprawl on their bed and play video games.

Cheap Double Beds

While we are on  the topic of cheap double beds the types and variations in the style these days have caused the vendors to produce cheap beds and beddings, as the market for them is quite high. People are getting over the wooden beds being the only choice available. Why to go for an expensive wooden bed that may not even match the contemporary look the bedrooms have these days.

Different Options of Double Bed

Wrought iron beds are very popular in these days as they are quite cheap, and provide a wide array of color options in lieu of the wooden shades and patterns. And it is relatively easy to move around as well. Another cheap bed that is in style is the platform bed. Although it is a double bed, it still doesn’t look as though it is taking a lot less space, giving the even a small space a roomy effect. Which is very handy if you have limited space but you don’t want to compromise the satisfaction a double bed provides.

Solutions for Space Limited Problem

Another solution for the limited spacing is to go for storage beds. They come in a wide range of compartment options, from one single storage space for weddings, to multiple drawers and compartments which can easily hold all your belongings categorically. Apart from being compact, there are so many stylish options available in storage double beds out there that you will never revert towards a regular wooden bed anytime soon.

Since these are relatively cheaper types of beds, they give you the option to redecorate and change the furniture in a few hours without any regret. By the time you get bored with them, these inexpensive beds would have been well worth the price they came in. So no need to get a bed and hang on to it until you kick the bucket simply because you couldn’t get over the fact that that beauty cost a lot. Go for the cheaper options readily available, and redecorate whenever you feel like it.

So, just to revise what we have learned today. Kids don’t share space these days.  Double beds are now available in cheap prices and contemporary designs. This can also address the problem of limited spacing. Combine this information and what you can take from all this is; you need to shop for new beds. They are so affordable and readily available that there is just no reason why you shouldn’t.

Cheap Double Beds of WOODLERS

April 24, 2016
WOODLERS store UK offer special and cheap double beds to their customer.  High quality materials are used in the production of these cheap double beds and with mattress option which is resulting long-lasting and sturdy as rock. WOODLERS cheap double beds feature adding the perfect touch of elegance and modern lifestyle in the bedroom. It has been designed with the ability to tolerate the weight of heavy mattress. Select traditional and modern style double beds from WOODLERS store UK at a very cheap price. WOODLERS double beds give exclusive, smart and elegant look to your bedroom and make it attractive one.   You can see many online store which offer different categories of beds in different designs that does not full-fill all your requirements and needs. Our double beds are design in such a way that fully suit your requirements and complement your lifestyle. Some of our cheap double beds are:
  • Dakar Button PU Double Bed
  • Alice Double Bed
  • Griffin Italian Bed
  • Hollywell Linen Fabric Double Bed
  • Moonstone Double Bed Silver & Beech Color
For small bedroom you can also select from our wide variety of small double bed which save your flooring space also. All double bed size of WOODLERS store is UK standard sizes. The materials available with all of our cheap double beds and the frame of bed are strong and sturdy like rock. We offer high quality double bed frame with mattress at a very cheap price.

Storage Options in Double Beds

We all require storage space in our houses. Storage spaces give us the liberty and freedom to organize and maintain more structure into the room. Bedrooms are known to be the most personal space of an individual. They are the most crowded area in any house which requires a lot of storage space. They need to accommodate a lot of storage space knowing that your bedroom holds every single thing of your daily usage. You need to think practically about the storage space you require in the room and in our opinion beds are the most functional and practical item to start with regarding the storage option. All the accessories and items required for everyday use are kept in the room. Storage double beds come in different sizes, shapes and designs. We at WOODLERS have made sure that we do not compromise on the quality. We bring you the durable quality cheap double beds with storage option. Some of our double beds having storage option are:
  • Monza Storage Bed Double
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Harrogate 4 Drawer PU Double Bed

Benefits of Double Beds with storage Option

Most of the people are living in a small home, so in this case it is difficult to find places to store everything. In this case double bed with storage is one option which gives you opportunity to free up space in your wardrobes and on shelves etc. by keeping some of rarely used item in storage space available in double beds. All Cheap double beds available at WOODLERS have different storage option you can choose the one which fulfill your requirements. You can buy all these storage bed at a very cheap and affordable price from WOODLERS store UK.  

Find the Cool Edge for your Double Bed Linens

December 9, 2015

Bed linens and double beds both go with each other. Both the things need to be in contrast with each other in every way whether it is their design, their colors or their fabric. If your double bed is in white color and you use a black color bed linen all over your mattress, that look will not turn out very good. This way the whole bed would give a very dark impression. Whenever selecting covers, sheets and linens for the double beds make sure you mix and match them well and use colors in contrast. Make sure the colors you use go with the double bed headboard and the whole bed as well. We have mentioned some points which will get you some ideas for your double bed covers and sheets.

Keep it simple:

Don’t go with too much of patterns and designs if you already have more detailed furniture and your double bed headboard has some patterned or buttoned design on it, or the wall behind your double bed is in darker shades. Keep the bed linens of your double bed simple then. Having a lot of design or pattern on it would give a messy look to the whole bedroom.


Stay classy:

Make sure your double bed and the linens you use for the bed are in contrast to each other. Being classy and it simply never goes out of style. A messy look or too much of detail and design in everything present in your room won’t give a very nice look. It’s important for the double bed, bed covers and linens to go hand in hand, this adds a structure to the whole bedroom furniture and gives more organized structure.


Find the right colors:

When you decide which double bed you need to buy for your bedroom, do keep in mind that what would be the best color that would go with the overall outlook of the room. After that find the right bed linens would be an easy task for you. Light shaded linens used on your double bed give a look of more space in the whole bedroom.


Pick the right fabric:

While choosing the linens for your double bed do make time to properly consider the material. The material of the fabric used in the linens and covers should be soft and comfortable, because all the linens touch the skin and at the end of the day you sleep in the bed, it needs to be comfortable enough to provide you good 8 hour sleep. It is important to find the right one that it will not cause any skin irritation. Give proper consideration to the fact that you invest in good linens, a good quality and double bed along with the mattress.


The choices are unlimited:

Find out the colors that would go with the double bed frame, the colors you love and then use those bed linens on your double bed mattress. Don’t just go after something because everyone is doing it. It’s your bedroom so it definitely should have your say in it. Just don’t jump on the bandwagon and go along with it. Just don’t follow the trend because every other person is doing it this way. Probably those trends won’t look good in your home settings.

Finding perfect covers and sheets for your double bed is not difficult. You just need to take care of the points mentioned above and you will get the right material, design and color for the linens which will be perfect for your double bed.