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Make your Child’s Room as a Perfectly Heaven

October 1, 2016

Your child’s room, whether he/she a newborn or a teenager, should be a safe haven for him to retreat to. Ensuring that his/her personal space is as safe and free from potential hazards as possible is a parent’s responsibility, and it can seem like a daunting one. While every room and every house will contain their own individual hazards and injury risks, these tips can help you reduce some common dangers in your child’s room. Use these safety tips for your child’s bedroom.

Bunk Bed Safety Tips

Use these bunk bed safety tips for your kids.

  • Children younger than 6 years old should not sleep or play on the top bunk. Half of all bunk bed-related injuries occur to children younger than 6 because they don’t have the coordination to climb safely, or to keep from falling out.
  • Make sure that ladders are attached securely to the bed–and that your child is comfortable going up and down. Place a nightlight close to the bed, so that s/he is able to find the way in the dark.
  • To avoid falls and weakening of the beds, do not allow your children to jump or roughhouse on either bunk. Never jump on the cheap bunk beds London. wood bunk bed.
  • Tidy up! Make sure the floor around the bed doesn’t have any toys or other things that could further injure your child in cases/he does stumble or fall.

Choose Safe Window Treatments 

While you should never place a baby’s crib or a child’s bed near the window, you should still make sure that all blind cords and curtain ties are out of reach to reduce choking and strangulation risks. There are cord winders on the market specifically designed to keep window treatments kid-safe.

Keep Toys Age-Appropriate

When a friend or relative gifts your child with an expensive toy, it’s tempting to put it in your child’s room before he’s quite old enough to play with it. If these toys have small pieces that present a choking risk, heavy pieces that could fall on him, or moving parts that could pinch, it’s best to keep them in storage until he’s old enough for those toys to be safe for him.

Opt For Toy Boxes with Removable Lids 

Old-fashioned toy boxes with hinged lids can crush your little one’s fingers if they fall, which isn’t altogether unlikely. To keep tiny hands safe, it’s best to opt for toy boxes with lids that are completely removed.

Avoid Locking Doors

Your child’s room should not have a door that locks if he’s very young, to prevent him from accidentally locking you out and finding himself stranded in his bedroom alone. If his doorknob does have a working lock, you should at least ensure that you can easily and quickly pick the lock yourself from the outside. If not, the knob should be changed.

Choose Night Lights That Stay Cool

When little ones aren’t quite comfortable in the dark, a night light can be their best friend. Some models can generate quite a bit of heat, however, leaving the bulb hot enough to scorch sensitive skin. If your child needs a night light.


Cheap and Contemporary Bunk Bed Options

August 2, 2016

Every big household faces the dilemma of where to put the kids, when there is just not enough room for every kid to have their own space. Either that or some kids are just practically attached to the hip, since they were born. Situations like this call for sneaky and unique design ideas, to make the most of the available space.

Make the Room Look Spacious

There are a number of ways to make your bedroom look less cluttered, roomy and spacious. One of these shore shot ways to do that is to go for a bunk bed. Easily minimizing the space by half, bunk beds not only save a lot of room, but they also give the room an instant feel of affection and love –even if the kids throttle each other to sleep, who’s to know.

Go for the Cheaper Option

The thing to keep in mind while decorating a kid’s bedroom, especially furniture, is to keep the budget to the minimum. No, I don’t hate kids, and I would definitely love to buy them everything in the world. But let’s face it, kids grow, and very fast at that. One day you design an overly extravagant nursery for them and before you know it, they are just too big to fit in the bed you built with your own hands.

Interesting Design Options in Bunk Beds

Coming back to the topic at hand, if you have spacing issues for the kids, the best option is a bunk bed. Cheap bunk beds are reliable and they lift up the room with their modern and contemporary designs. Cheap bunk beds don’t necessarily have to be two planks for the beds and a ladder. These days they have so many interesting designs, like the bunk beds with drawers for ladders. They save a lot of spaces for the drawers or side racks if you are having spacing issues as it is. It also looks a lot compartmentalized and helps keep the clutter at bay, but hey, this is kids we are talking about so don’t get your hopes up too high.

Ensuring the Safety

Safety railing help ensure that the kids are safe on the upper bunk, and you can even go for a triple bed if your ceilings can allow. No matter how high the bed stands, the kids will always be safe. A cheaper options among triple beds would be the iron-framed beds instead of wood.

Loft Style Beds

Another interesting bunk bed option is the loft bed. Certainly qualifying in the cheaper category, a loft bed has a bunk bed on the upper section but the lower one has a sitting area or a study table for the kid. You can even design a play area for the kids, and let them out all the toys and stuff in the lower compartment. That would definitely keep the room neat, well, as neat as it will ever be.

Anyways, as I was saying, bunk beds are the new black. Even the college kids love them so much. A sophisticated study area at the bottom and a railing-less bed on the top bunk gives the room an instant modern sophisticated look. They are not just for house use only, school and college hostels have long since used them to accommodate the kids in the dorms properly. But the designs these days will just dazzle you. How they incorporate cheap ideas like using shelves and open cabinets to fill out the space is amazing.

The point is, the world is your oyster. Get creative, go for a cheap and trendy bunk bed for your kids, and bring a nice change to the interior decor.

Girls Bedroom Design Ideas

June 21, 2016

If you are in search of finding some inspirational and amazing tips or ideas for decorating and designing your daughter’s, check out the decorating ideas that we are going to describe you in this article. These creative and fun girls’ bedroom ideas will help you a lot in designing the girl’s bedroom.

Furniture Selection

Furniture is the most important selection in designing girl’s bedroom.

  • Bed or Girls Bunk Beds: Bed is considered one of the central pieces in girl’s bedroom. You need to look for storage option in beds. There are a lot of storage beds available online and one of the best solutions is girls bunk bed. You will easily find bunk bed for all types such as girls bunk bed with storage option, I shaped bunk bed, toddler bunk bed, double bunk bed and much more.
  • Wardrobe Selection: Wardrobe is the second important piece of furniture you need to select the wardrobe with more storage option in it. Girls are very fond and linking of all type of fashion items such as clothes, jeans, shirts, tee shirts, jewelry, heels, shoes and many more which required to be kept in an arranging way it the wardrobe, for which you need a wardrobe with having more storage space are needed such acorn solid oak 3 door wardrobe etc.
  • Dressing Table: Select the portable dressing table with hanging mirror and storage option.

bunk bed

Choosing the colour scheme

Before selecting the girl’s bedroom furniture selection you need to select the colour of the room and according to the room, colour chooses the bedroom furniture. Mostly the girl’s room painting ideas start from pink or lilac or dark green colour. Sometimes these colours are combined with white and there are some cases when in the room doesn’t exist either pink or lilac in favour of green, light blue, orange or other bright colours.

girls bunk bed

Unveil of the girl’s bedroom

Unveiling or display to your daughter bedroom is most important. Display all the favourite items of your daughter now as she starts to build collections of things she loves. Make some space for displaying her loved items. Make a display of items such as sea shells or an assortment of twinkly buttons, can be surprisingly effective en masse.

double bunk bed

Giving a Decorative Touch

You need to decorate the walls of the room by putting some family pictures, art images, and other artwork. Painted wooden wall motifs, a fabric-covered bedhead or pretty knobs on a chest of drawers are easy to find or achieve yourself.

bedroom decoration

Select the room curtains with contrast the colours to your wall. They look great if a similar colour. If you get light coloured walls, like pink you need to select some dark colour with contrast to the pink colour. Also, select the bedding colour according to the curtains colour which will make the bedroom more attractive and contemporary.


Note: You need to look for storage options everywhere. Take shelving up to the ceiling, install a window seat with built-in storage, and attach hooks to the backs of doors. Use pretty baskets or bowls for those little bits such as hair clips and doll’s accessories.