Lava Queen Mirror 2 Doors Sliding Wardrobe

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Queen Sliding Wardrobe available in lava color frame. The wardrobe has two mirror doors with hanging space and 2 shelves. The wardrobe doors have a strong sliding effect, inside there are 2 hanging rails and 2 shelves to hold and store your clothes. 2 door wardrobe designed to add style and luxury to your bedroom furniture sets.
The Queen Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe boasts mass storage space but will create a clutter free view in your Bedroom. The mirrors also help in finding the right outfit; there won’t be a lot of fuss before deciding what to wear.

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The queen sliding wardrobe mainly offers: 2 hanging rails for the clothes 2 shelves which can used to put folded clothes or High quality solid wood Durable sliding doors Lava color The approximate dimensions of the queen mirror sliding wardrobe are: Width: 135cm Height: 198cm Depth: 64cm The sliding front doors have mirrors giving a wide angle view making it easy for you to decide what to wear. The wardrobe is a true statement of luxurious lifestyle, having it in the room automatically adds class and style bringing out a contrast among other furniture items.

Additional information

Wardrobe type

Queen Lava Sliding wardrobe




Wood, Glass

Curve Lava Wardrobe Available Colors



width: 135 cm
Height: 198 cm
Depth: 64 cm


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