Mulberry Divan Bed Set includes Premium Base ,Mattress and (54') Floor Standing headboard.
The mattress has used natural fibres with soft polyester material giving you an extra lavish feel with ultimate level of softness .
The Base is of Premium quality that will look elegant in any room and being durable at same time.
The Headboard is 54 inches floor standing headboard of high Quality.

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Mulberry mattress holds natural fibres with soft polyster that gives a lavish feel with extreme softness. The mattress distributes the body weight equally. Mulberry mattress holds very fine layers of lamb wool, silk and cashmere with natural blends. They are layered very finely to keep you fresh and cool in summers and nice and warm in the winters. The attractive looking cotton fabric is used on both sides of mattress, on its borders large woolen tufts are used to increase its protection and durability of the mattress. These fillings work consistently with pocket springs placed individually which are held protectively by the woolen tufts which help you in achieving maximum comfort and support. The headboard included in the divan set is Floor standing 54′ headboard. The base is of premium Quality that is highly durable and will enhance the feel of any room.

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Filling material: Dual density fibre
Soft white fibre
Firmness Rating:
5/10 (soft to firm)


Single bed mattress and base: 3’0- 90cm x 190cm
Small double bed mattress and base: 4’0- 120cm x 190cm
Double bed mattress and base: 4’6- 140cm x 190cm
King size mattress and base: 5’0- 150cm x 200cm


Black, White, Chocolate, Chenille black, Chenille grey, Chenille Ivory, Suede Beige, Suede Brown, Suede Black


Single Divan Set, Small Double Divan set, Double Divan set, King Size Divan set


Pocket spring mattress
Parimeter support
Side stitched


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