MASSIVE Sliding Door Wardrobe BOSTON Mirrored Detail Doors 203cm GREY

£558.00 £530.10

Massive sliding door wardrobe add luxurious and attractive look to any one bedroom decors. The straight style mirror effect adds contemporary and modern look. Quality solid wood materials are used in the production of massive sliding door wardrobe.

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The Massive sliding door wardrobe is expertly designed to meet the most demanding wardrobe conundrums and provide an organized solution for your mess! Boasting high-quality finish and built for step-by-step home assembly, life is much easier with a Massive sliding door wardrobe. Buy your new 3 Massive sliding door wardrobe from WOODLERS store UK at affordable prices and give a new and modern look to your bedroom décor. The mirror at the centre of Massive sliding door wardrobe design makes the wardrobe modern and attractive piece in the bedroom. The walnut Oak effect makes this wardrobe durable and quality product.  This wardrobe has 2 door two have oak effect and in the middle there is mirror door. Well-known features of massive sliding door wardrobe are:
  • 2 sliding doors
  • 2 full-length mirrors
  • Plenty of storage shelves
  • Multiple hanging rails

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