Infinity Corner Sofa Bed


Infinity modern corner sofa bed provides convenience, comfort and style to your interior as it is a modern corner sofa which can be transformed into a sofa bed

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Infinity corner sofa bed brings style and usability to you interior.It is an stylish corner sofa and when needed it can be expanded to a sofa bed providing multiple purpose. Infinity Corner sofa bed for ultimate convenience and comfort is made up of high quality material ,the frame is made from solid wood and chipboard. The seats contain Wavy Bonell spring of 2.4 mm wire thickness and highly flexible foam with a thickness of 2 cm The corner sofa bed has a sleeping surface and a very large container for bedding. The Infinity Corner Sofa bed is available in universal corner option.

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93 cm


252 cm


185 cm

Sleeping Area

196cm x 132 cm


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