Clack 4 door wardrobe


The German made 4 door wardrobe with centre mirror is designed featuring high quality of material that comes with matt effect and MDF/ Chipboard. The 3 chest drawers with side railing give plenty of space for hanging the clothes. The centre mirrors in this wardrobe design it is made sure that deciding the outfit everyday is an easy task without a lot of fuss.

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German exclusive design 4 door clack wardrobe consists of centre mirror made with the durable quality material features matt effect and MDF/ chipboard. The side railings of the wardrobe offer the user a lot of storage space to hang the clothes. The centre mirrors benefit every morning when the decision making part gets difficult that what to wear, those mirrors acts as a savior at that crucial time giving you full access to decide which clothes will look best today and you will not have to face the fuss of deciding what to wear. Following are the approximate dimensions of this clack 4 door wardrobe:

Width: 180 cm Depth: 58 cm Height: 198 cm

The clack 4 door wardrobe is available in white color at a very reasonable price with free delivery service all over UK.

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4 Door Wardrobe
Center mirrored





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4 DOOR wardrobe Approximate Dimensions

Width: 180 cm
Depth: 58 cm
Height: 198 cm


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