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The simple design of this double bed is extremely elegant and attractive. The metal double bed is available in silver color. The headboard and footboard of the bed are made with metal in chrome effect. The curved design of the headboard and footboard of this double bed gives a nice an appealing touch to the whole bedroom. The bed is durable and long lasting suitable for comfortable sleep

19 in stock


Metal beds compared to wooden frames come in handy as they are easy to assemble and clean too. The attractive and durable Alice double bed is a perfect option for a room with simple décor. The bed is designed in Victorian style available by WOODLERS in silver color. The footboard and headboard of the bed are in chrome effect. The curvy design of the headboard and footboard adds a nice touch of elegance into the bed. The material used in the bed is long lasting. The benefit metal beds provide are that they are relatively cheaper as compared to the wooden frames and are equally stylish and elegant at the same time. The approximate dimension for the Alice double bed are:
Small double bed: 4 Ft-
Double bed: 4ft 6’’
Alice double bed holds style and charm with sophisticated looks. The bed is designed in a way that it will blend in with all types of room decors conveniently. The bed holds open space underneath which allows you to keep storage boxes.

Bed type

Double Bed







Approximate Dimensions

Double Bed size:
Small double bed: 4 Ft-
Double bed: 4ft 6’’


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