The Xen Wardrobe 208 cm


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The Xen Wardrobe is the perfect home décor for customers seeking something grand. The wardrobe can bring a strong presence to your room. It resonates with a smooth finish and three aesthetic colours that truly bring elegance into your living space. The Xen wardrobes comes in two sizes of 208 and 255 respectively.

The key variation for Xen wardrobes is the colour combination. The black and grey come in high gloss, whereas the white colour comes in a matte finish. For customers who are in the market to bring resolution to their clutter, this wardrobe is the answer.

Wardrobe Frame

The frame of the wardrobe is of solid wood. All wardrobes come with wood as the focal point for their construction. This everlasting material is the reason many customers prefer this wardrobe. The 208 cm wardrobes allows up to seven shelves, two sliding doors and two hanging rails. The 255 cm version excels on the concept of 208 and adds three drawers but loses one shelf to six.

The other great addition is the three sliding mirror doors which offer a seamless experience. Our wardrobes help in bringing solutions to your daily problems such as managing your items promptly.

Wardrobe Mechanism

All Xen wardrobe relies on aluminium tracks that help enable the remarkable mirror doors to glide across without any issues. On the initial run, the sliding mirror door for the wardrobe will be a little rough but with use, the door will become more responsive. Metallic handles are present on the left-hand side and the right-hand side.

These help customers access the Xen wardrobes with ease. To make sure the mirror arrives in your location, Woodlers take the first step in offering them for inspection. If you feel in a way that the mirrors for the wardrobes are damaged or not properly aligned, then do not accept the delivery. This is exclusive for Woodlers LTD.


The maintenance for the Xen wardrobes is straightforward. To maintain your wardrobe in tip-top shape, you will need a simple microfiber cloth to wipe any stains you might have.

A wet sponge with monitor washing liquid to wipe hand stains on the mirror, and a simple scraper to remove any gunk found in the tracks.

Occasionally, oiling the tracks or the intersections helps keep the tracks in a streamlined position. Always store your essential items by placing an old newspaper to protect your items from moisture.


The colour variation of the Xen wardrobes includes three amazing colours. These are Grey, White, and Black. The grey finish brings intellect and maturity in ways you can’t imagine. A great feat for this colour is that it’s common as well as uncommon. It can easily accommodate prime colours but at the same time, it can blend with various bright colours. The colour white gives the wardrobe a polished look. White represents purity and innocence. It is mostly present seventy-five per cent in everything.

The Xen wardrobes is the best answer for customers who are willing to invest in a wardrobe that provides them ample storage. To make sure your experience is best, customers are advised to make room for the wardrobe. They should also make sure there is room to manoeuvre when bringing a wardrobe to your location.


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Clarity White, Elegant Grey, Powerful Black

Product Dimensions

|| The Zen Wardrobe (208 cm) || Width: (208 cm) Height: (225 cm) Depth : (66 cm)


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