The Nine-Nine SE Wardrobe 250cm


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The nine-nine Special Edition wardrobe 250cm creates ambience and brings tranquillity to every room it enters. The wardrobe in question is the perfect answer for customers looking to bring something affordable and high-fashion at the same time. The nine-nine SE does that job and more. Comes in the exclusive 250 cm wide option. This ultra-realistic wardrobe with sliding mirror doors is what you get when you order this wardrobe. Our wardrobe collection targets a modern lifestyle with a cosy design. We bring a cost-effective alternative for customers who are on a tight budget. This wardrobe is exclusively by Woodlers LTD.

The frame of wardrobe 250cm

The frame of the nine-nine SE is of solid wood. To make sure, the wardrobe stands the test of time, hardwood comes into play. This majestic wood type is why many customers or even retailers prefer it. It helps keep the structure intact and is strong in every way possible. We took great pride in creating a frame that was not only compact but lighter. This was done so the time to assemble the wardrobe is cut short fast. To make sure hanging rails and the compartment are properly secured, we use stainless-steel struts. They help keep the various functions at bay while maintaining the overall composure of the nine-nine wardrobe.

Interior of wardrobe 250cm

The wardrobe comes with three sliding mirror doors that can be opened and closed using an aluminium track. These rails help solve the issue many customers have with swing wardrobes. The visibility is the main factor, as the sliding mirror door wardrobe can cut that by more than seventy-five per cent. The track on which the mirror moves will be a little rough at the start but over time with use, it will become more responsive. Maintaining the wardrobe in a top-top shape is not a tall order. Oiling the tracks occasionally will keep the various mechanisms intact. The main goal here is to make sure that all components in the wardrobe are working flawlessly.

What comes Standard for wardrobe 250cm?

The nine-nine wardrobe as a standard comes with eleven shelves and one hanging rail. However, customers can customize the wardrobe as they fit. The wardrobe comes with eleven shelves, customers can forgo six shelves to add another hanging rail for clothes. These can be done on either of the sides. The wardrobe also comes with metallic handles that help navigate the wardrobe. These graspers miss no beat at all and can move the wardrobe with sleight of touch. The wardrobe come in a distinctive matte finish which brings the wooden materials to a lustrous look.

Why wardrobe 250cm?

Space is the main reason customers seek a solution. That is why the nine-nine SE wardrobe helps remove the clutter that plagues your room. That is why the nine-nine wardrobe comes in handy. It allows customers to store essential and non-essential items without any issues. For illumination, the LED works beautifully. However, LED does not come with the wardrobe as standard, but it is optional. The light helps you get ready in the dark by illuminating the whole room. The positioning of the LED is in the centre. This is to always keep the focus on you.

Colour Variation for wardrobe 250cm

The nine-nine SE wardrobe comes in three colours. The black version of the wardrobe helps bring sophisticated design and ulterior motives. Whereas the colour white brings pure hope and new starts for customers. To top it off, the colour grey is the perfect answer for customers who are seeking something neutral all around. Currently, the interior of the nine-nine wardrobe includes three sliding mirrors, one hanging rail and eleven shelves.


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Clarity White, Ash Grey, Powerful Black

Product Dimensions

|| The Nine Nine Wardrobe (250 cm) || Width: (250 cm) Height: (215 cm) Depth : (61 cm)


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