The Nine-Nine Wardrobe 203


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The nine-nine wardrobe 203 by Woodlers Ltd are the perfect answer to customers looking for an affordable storage solution. The key issue with many small to medium households is the amount of space. Normally, customers prefer to convert wasteful space into something useful by adding a dresser to the room. The only problem with the dresser is they are blocky and need a lot of room. That is why the nine-nine wardrobe does the job perfectly. It brings compact design and mobility to your room. It provides customers options to store all their items without any issues. The enigmatic wardrobes allow customers to traverse daily routines without any issues.

 Wardrobe 203 Frame

The frame of the nine-nine wardrobe is of solid wood. The side so the wardrobe is also in solid wood. Woodlers rely on hardwood to make this wardrobe stand out from the rest. The shelf count depends on the wardrobe you invest in. The higher tier has more shelves than the lower tier of nine-nine wardrobes. However, customers can add as many hanging rails as they require. The sliding doors come with metallic handles for easier access. The access of the nine-nine wardrobe is on both sides.

Wardrobe 203 Space

Space has become the key issue for numerous customers. Adding an ottoman bed and a majestic wardrobe can lessen the clutter and give you more space than you can imagine. For that specific reason, the nine-nine wardrobes are the way to go forward. Customers who invest in the wardrobe must know to keep at least small legroom, as the wardrobe is free-standing.

The nine-nine wardrobe comes in four sizes, increasing the shelves count while moving up the ranks.

The “Constable” wardrobe in our entry tier wardrobe measures around 120 cm wide. This wardrobe comes with four shelves and one hanging rail. The “Sergeant” wardrobe is bigger than the constable wardrobe. It comes in at 150 cm wide and allows customers to store their items on six shelves and two hanging rails. The “Lieutenant” wardrobe is 180 cm wide and gives you more options. It can house up to five shelves and two hanging rails. In comparison to the sergeant wardrobe, the lieutenant top shelves are longer with no divider. The nine-nine “Captain” wardrobe is our pride and joy. The wardrobe boasts around 203 cm wide. The nine-nine captain wardrobes come with ten shelves and four hanging rails.

All wardrobes come with the same features, such as

Sliding Mirrors

The doors that allow you to move in the wardrobe rely on sliding door technology. This has a better visible range than doors with hinges. The overall visibility is more than ¾ which is better than wardrobes that rely on swing. Keep in mind that for the swing doors to function, they require room. They are suited for larger rooms and not for the bedrooms. Woodlers offer the initial inspection once your wardrobe arrives at your location. This is an exclusive that only Woodlers LTD provides. You can easily inspect the mirror for any damage or scratches. If you feel like that is the case, then you can refuse the delivery. Do inform us, so we can help come to an objective resolution.


To make sure that the sliding doors run with ease, a steel track happens to come into play., It streamlines the movement of the sliding door without any issues. The track might be a little rough at the start but over time with use, the track will become more responsive. The maintenance of the track involves oiling the track once in a full moor for a smooth operation.

Three colours

All the nine-nine wardrobes come in three colours. Wardrobes in colour represent power and authority. Black is the most prominent colour of the spectrum. Colour palettes have a hard time associating themselves with the colour. Black is also a prime colour, meaning it can absorb almost any colour it touches. White like black is also a prime colour.

White is the most desired colour in the market. It represents hope, purity, and new starts. Finally, is the colour grey. The lore of the colour spectrum reminds us that when the eternal war of the colours black and white came to a halt. It gave birth to a colour that has all the advantages of the prime colours and none of the disadvantages. That colour was grey.

Unlike its bragging cousin silver, the colour represents wisdom and intellect. This colour easily blends with any bright colours and at the same time is versatile in every way possible. Grey is the perfect candidate for contemporary design and sophisticated feel, something many other colours lack.

Optional LED

All nine-nine wardrobes come with the option to add an LED for luminosity for the room. This is an optional offer that can only be booked while you place the order. Having a light source that dressing up can change the perspective and the narrative down the road.

The LED that arrives with the wardrobe for the nine-nine wardrobes in a European plug.  These plugs can easily accommodate any British electric socket without any issues.


The assembly of the nine-nine wardrobe is simple.  Meaning, the customers who invest in the wardrobe can get the wardrobe ready in no time. To make sure you have no issues, please use the discarded wardrobe box for the base, and please do not litter.

Lastly, a friendly reminder to always inspect your room and take measurements before ordering our majestic nine-nine wardrobes. The dimensions mentioned on the website are ours approximates. However, the image represents the nine-nine wardrobes fully.


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Clarity White, Ash Grey, Powerful Black


120cm, 150cm, 180cm, 203cm

Product Dimensions

|| The Nine Nine Wardrobe (120 cm) || Width: (120 cm) Height: (215 cm) Depth : (61 cm), || The Nine Nine Wardrobe (150 cm) || Width: (150 cm) Height: (215 cm) Depth : (61 cm), || The Nine Nine Wardrobe (180 cm) || Width: (180 cm) Height: (215 cm) Depth : (61 cm), || The Nine Nine Wardrobe (203 cm) || Width: (203 cm) Height: (215 cm) Depth : (61 cm)


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