Strip Plush Velvet Bed


The Strip Plush Velvet Bed is a new addition of platform bed to immersive collection.

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The Strip Plush Velvet Bed is a new addition of platform bed to Woodlers’s immersive collection. Woodlers LTD redefines by captivating the design elements by bringing a hint of modern styles that customers love. These beds are the new normal. The divan bed has always been the go-to bed, but the strip plush velvet bed is a true mascot. Platform beds or high-beds that customers prefer come with a slew of bonuses that also include the ability to store items underneath the bed. With that ease in mind, the strip plush velvet beds are easy to clean.

Velvet Bed Frame

The frame of the strip plush velvet bed is of solid wood. Woodlers take great pride in utilizing hardwood to fully resurrect this bed to life. To make matters simpler, the frame uses sprung slats. These slats help keep the bed frame in a top-notch position and at the same time help keep the room fresh. Stainless-steel components are key as they make sure the frame of the plush velvet bed remains intact. The steel divider that graces the pictures helps keep the slats from breaking in half. The whole idea of this contraption is to give you a bed frame that uses subtlety to overall improve the strength of the whole bed frame.

What do we get?

When customers invest in the plush velvet bed, they get their hands on the whole bed frame, the standard majestic headboard and a matching low-footboard. The strip plush velvet bed comes in two variable sizes and two marvellous colours. The colour cream and grey truly complement the bed’s simple but retro design. Colours are everything for customers. Bright colours help support our feeling, where neutral colours help blend what our conscious serves up.


Customers who purchase the strip plush velvet bed also get the option to add an optional mattress to the overall order. The addition will help customers to save time and money. The hassle for the arrival of both the items to your location will be lessened ten-fold. Meaning that you don’t need to sleep until the mattress arrives. The strip bed uses plush velvet fabric to wrap itself.

Why Velvet?

Velvet is a ground-breaking fabric. The fabric is almost fully resistant to almost all hazards except sunlight. Sunlight causes the fabric to distort and develop a fade design. Overall, the fabric is popular in the market and at the same time smooth in every form.


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Warm Cream, Sage Grey


Standard Double, King

Product Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (155 cm) Length: (205 cm), || King || Width: (165 cm) Length: (215 cm)


No Mattress, Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress, Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress, Erebus Super-Ortho Mattress, Apollo Pocket-Sprung Mattress, Adam Pillow-Top Mattress

Mattress Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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