Charlie Corduroy Sofa Set


Our Grey and Baige colors not only brighten your room but also provides that missing element to your room

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The corduroy sofa sets is an immaculate fusion of grace and elegance. The sofa set is perfect for customers who want to lie down. The corduroy sofa by Woodlers comes in five variations which include a 2-seater, 3-seater, a 3+2-seater.2+2-seater and 3+3-seater. The sofa set is trailblazing in every way possible. The first impression on the sofa set allows customers to evaluate the home décor items on their price and design element.

Currently, the sofa set comes with wooden legs. Wooden legs help keep the allure of an arcane home décor item alive. The integration of various materials helps increase the overall quality of the corduroy sofa set.

The frame of the Charlie Corduroy Sofa Sets

The frame for the Corduroy sofa set comes in solid wood. The materials responsible for laying the foundation for the whole sofa set are of high quality. To make sure that the sofa set stands the test of time, Woodlers relies on stainless-steel components. They help keep the frame of the sofa set intact and can withstand extreme pressure.

The base of the Charlie corduroy sofa includes padded foam with springs that elevate the overall comfort factor. The springs are also independent, meaning they can provide comfortable cushioning as a single unit. The sofa set comes with a softer backrest which houses an equal amount of pressure points for support.

Pressure point’s entry to our home décor items is for the benefit of our customers. They are responsible for reducing stress in the human body by increasing relief.

Internals of the Charlie Corduroy Sofa Sets

The internal working of the Charlie corduroy sofa involves the use of both serpentine springs and a fine foam base. The foam base helps customers boost the pressure whenever they sit on the sofa, and at the same time, the serpentine springs come into action in providing comfort for them. sofa, the synergy between the two is why many customers prefer our home décor items.

Serpentine springs are not a new concept, but an old one that many people never understood. Normal springs come in the top to bottom shape, whereas the serpentine springs are like normal springs but are placed lengthwise. The serpentine springs help push the elevated pressure to the sides rather than to the bottom.

The foam will be rough at the start, but with use, the response time for the corduroy sofa set will increase ten-fold.

The fabric of the Charlie Corduroy Sofa

Fabric use is also momentous for customers, as it helps them decide if they want this kind of sofa in their living spaces or not. That is why Woodlers have taken the opportunity to use Jumbo Cord or Corduroy to style this remarkable sofa set. The jumbo cord is a consistent fabric that comes with a wide array of benefits.

These benefits are crucial for customers. The fabric in question is dust and stain-resistant. The protection from common hazards is what separates something that appears grand and something grand. Woodlers don’t deal in absolutes and provide home décor options that last for a lifetime. We also use faux leather with the jumbo cord to bring two aromas at the same time. It is just like ordering the chocolate and vanilla dessert and enjoying both flavours at the same time.

The addition of faux leather signifies that the sofa set is pet-friendly. The black seals that keep the jumbo cord stitching at bay are faux leather. Faux leather brings crack and fade resistance to the corduroy sofa set.


The Charlie corduroy sofa set arrives at your location in two amazing colours. Grey and khaki are those colours that allow customers to create custom designs. Neutral colours are the new fab for furniture owners today. Colours such as grey and khaki can easily blend with prime colours at the same time, they can bring a new design with bright colours.

Rooms are living sanctuaries that people tend to cling to for serenity. Beautifying each room using home décor items is what makes you happy is the best thing to do. That is why Woodlers offers home décor items that are not only cost-effective, but trendy as well.


The assembly of the Charlie corduroy sofa set is the main requisite. For this task to be completed as soon as possible, Woodlers has taken the opportunity to pre-assemble some parts of the sofa. The armrest and the back are pre-assembled. This is done, so the transportation of the sofa set is manageable.

Customers only need to attach all these small pieces to have a full piece. It is like LEGO bricks. The time to assemble the full set is roughly twenty minutes. The preservation of the corduroy sofa set is fluent. This means the customer can maintain the shape of the fabric and sofa if they clean it often. A handy vacuuming of the sofa helps keep the fabric freshness alive. The fabric is machine washable.

On Offer, the Charlie Corduroy Sofa is

The Charlie sofa set is cheaper in the off-season than the on-season. For winter, the sofa set is much more affordable than the summer, where the sofa reverts to its original pricing.  Sofa sets are only bought once, so select intelligently.


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Dignified Grey, Aesthetic Khaki


2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, 3+2 Seater Sofa, 2+2 Seater Sofa, 3+3 Seater Sofa, Corner Sofa

Product Dimensions

|| Charlie Corduroy Sofa (2 seater) || Width: (170 cm) Height: (81 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Charlie Corduroy Sofa (3 seater) || Width: (190 cm) Height: (81 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Charlie Corduroy Sofa (Corner) || Width: (249 cm) Height: (81 cm) Depth : (235 cm)


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