Dé lux Corduroy sofa set


Our Grey color not only brighten your room but also provides that missing element to your room

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The corduroy sofa set is perfect for customers who intend to bring versatility into their living spaces. The corduroy sofa set is heaven on earth. The sofa set that the customer invests in arrives with scatter cushions and chrome legs. The sofa set comes in the low back variety. Woodlers take great pride in bringing home decor items that are beneficial for you and your family members. The sofa set is best for customers who face daily lumbar and chronic issues. Sitting on our sofa can help elevate your spirits to new standards.

The Frame Of Corduroy Sofa Set

The frame of the sofa set comes in high-quality solid wood. Woodlers rely on hardwood to bring supreme durability to the sofa set. To make sure, customers who invest in corduroy sofa sets feel the comfort they desire. The base of the sofa set includes the use of both serpentine springs and foam padding.

To compensate for the overall feel, the top layer of the base also includes pocket sprungs that help elevate pressure individually. The frame of the corduroy sofa set also includes a low backrest that comes with pressure points. These points help target your back to provide the necessary support your body requires.

The Fabric Of The Corduroy Sofa Set

To make the corduroy sofa set stand out from the rest. Woodlers relies on both Faux leather and chenille fabric to bring the sofa set to life. Chenille fabric wraps itself around the wooden frame, at the same time the black border of faux leather keeps the Chenille fabric tidy. Chenille fabric origins date back to France and, in French, the fabric means caterpillar. This fabric provides the necessary softness and durability. The sofa set has the unique ability to resist dirt in every way possible. The overall form factor for the sofa set is cotton fabric.

Maintenance for the corduroy sofa set

The sofa set is easy to clean. The cost that customers face while maintaining the sofa is low. For day-to-day cleaning, a simple microfiber cloth can come in handy. Most are easily available at the pound shop. For spring-cleaning, a machine was applicable. The best is to read the fabric label before proceeding with machine wash. For cleaning inside the foam, a vacuum cleaner comes in handy.

Assembly for corduroy sofa set

To get the sofa set ready for your living room, you will require the necessary tools to fix the components. Luckily, the sofa set comes with all the necessary tools to assemble the sofa set in no time. Chrome legs come into play in the last. This is done so the placement of the corduroy sofa set is final. The corduroy sofa set does require assembly.


The colour combination of both the colours of black and grey is mind-numbing beautiful. Grey is a colour that Plato and Socrates adored, and the colour black is for the unknown. Grey brings subtlety to home décor, it engraves, and the colour black is the most sought colour of the spectrum. Their union is elegance inspired. Both colours complement each other in every way possible. The gradient is why many customers prefer this sofa set.


The sofa set includes the sofa frame, scatter cushion and chrome legs as standard. This means that customers don’t have to pay anything extra. Moreover, the sofa set comes in several variations for customers to choose from. This includes 2-seater Sofa, 3-seater Sofa, 3+2-Seater Sofa, 2+2-Seater Sofa, 3+3-Seater Sofa and Corner Sofa. Woodlers do allow customers to add another sofa variation to the order. By doing so, they will lessen the overall cost of both orders significantly.


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2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, 3+2 Seater Sofa, 2+2 Seater Sofa, 3+3 Seater Sofa, Corner Sofa

Product Dimensions

|| Dé Lux Corduroy Sofa (2 Seater) || Width: (170 cm) Height: (85 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Dé Lux Corduroy Sofa (3 Seater) || Width: (190 cm) Height: (85 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Dé Lux Corduroy Sofa (Corner) || Width: (230 cm) Height: (85 cm) Depth : (60 cm)


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