Shire Plush Velvet Sofa


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The shire plush velvet sofa set is our finest home décor. The word shire comes from the dictionary, which clearly describes vintage horses of British origin having massive feathery legs. This breed of horse is commonly famous as the Great English horse. For that reason, Woodlers employs the name of something grand. The Shire Sofa Set is a one-of-kind lounging experience that every customer craves. The shire sofa set brings British traditions back to UK households. With a smooth fabric and custom legs, this sofa set is truly a work of art, a masterpiece.

The frame of the Shire Plush Velvet Sofa

The frame of the plush velvet sofa is solid wood. Woodlers relies on high-quality materials to bring you durable home décor products at affordable rates. In no way or form, We use or sell second rate items. The frame of the shire plush velvet sofa is exquisite in the sense that it comes with a pocket sprung base. This kind of base is for mattresses. The plush velvet sofa is of medium feel. Meaning, it has a clear balance between being firm and being soft. The sofa set comes with a button lining that brightens the living space it goes into.

Working of the Shire Plush Velvet Sofa

The inner workings of the framework for the sofa set involve the use of serpentine springs. Does this help keep the padding intact? The padding is the foam that helps provide comfort and seating for the customer. To make sure the serpentine springs have protection, they are wrapped in a pocket sprung base. This helps the springs to function as individuals instead of collectively. Individual working of the springs is way better as they can retain overall shape with every seating.

Design of the Shire Plush Velvet Sofa

The design element of the shire plush velvet sofa is exquisite, meaning it merges traditional with modern times. To make sure the design stands the test of time, Woodlers relies on bringing that is high fashion and affordable. The French chesterfield design truly incorporates excellence at every glance. Design plays an important role in bringing a home décor item to your living spaces. The shire plush velvet sofa also comes with beneficial features that are due to the design we rely upon. The sofa set comes with stain-fade resistance. The French chesterfield design also comes with pressure points that help keep the sitter’s body in tip-top shape.


Woodlers relies on Velvet fabric to bring the shire sofa to life. The plush velvet plays a critical role in bringing a smooth opulence look and feel to your living space. Velvet is the most desired fabric and many customers prefer it. Designers and models prefer the fabric because it imbues high fashion and a posh feel. Whereas, customers prefer this fabric as it comes with a slew of resistance that keeps the shire sofa set in durable form for longer periods. Where crushed velvet comes with a crushed texture feel, the plush velvet comes with a smooth feel which is ten times better than linen.


The shire plush velvet sofa comes in the colour grey. Grey is the most balanced colour of the spectrum. Its origin is due to the eternal war of both colours black and white concluding. The result created the colour grey. A balance of sorts. The colour grey represents intelligence and wisdom. Woodlers relies heavily on this colour because it represents maturity and class. The colour is perfectly compatible with prime colours and easily suitable with bright colours.


The assembly of the shire sofa is simple. Meaning, the time it takes to get the sofa ready is minimal. Most of the components of the sofa come assembled. You only need to connect the other portions. The maintenance of the shire plush velvet sofa depends on the type of use you have. If the sofa set is for regular use, a vacuum cleaner comes in handy. For any liquid spillage, the best option will be to use a vinegar sponge with a microfiber combination. Both help keep stains at bay.


The shire plush velvet sofa comes with a combination of 2-seater Sofa, 3-seater Sofa, 3+2-Seater Sofa, 2+2-seater Sofa, and 3+3-seater sofa.


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2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, 3+2 Seater Sofa, 2+2 Seater Sofa, 3+3 Seater Sofa

Product Dimensions

|| Shire Plush Velvet Sofa (2 seater) || Width: (163 cm) Height: (81 cm) Depth : (80 cm), || Shire Plush Velvet Sofa (3 seater) || Width: (193 cm) Height: (81 cm) Depth : (80 cm)


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