Xanadu Semi Ortho Mattress



The Xanadu semi orthopaedic mattress by Woodlers is bringing simple design and luxurious comfort to your bedroom. Book Now. by Woodlers is the best answer for customers who want a mattress that has a balance between quality and comfort. As you already know, semi-ortho mattresses are famous for reducing stress on the back, neck, and joints. Whilst this is happening, the mattress does wonder by lessening the load on the body. Aches, chronic pain, or any stiffness in the body gradually decrease as your body tries to regenerate itself. The mattress is by far flexible and comes with a medium-soft feel. The mattress is the best candidate for customers who are looking for budget-friendly options.

Semi Orthopaedic Mattress Frame

The Xanadu semi-orthopaedic mattress frame is of reflex foam. The reflex foam with the open coils is what drives this mattress to greatness. To make sure the mattress stands the test of time, the open coils work cohesively with the foam fabric to give the customer a comfortable feel. The damask cover keeps the mattress in top-top shape and stands out from the rest. The Xanadu mattress is highly flexible and breathable; this is all due to the viscose material which the mattress has. This helps customers experience comfort with a high level of support. The Xanadu mattress is specifically chemical-free, meaning it is not hypoallergenic by any means. Having a hypoallergenic mattress is a blast, as Woodlers can ascertain that you will never have to deal with dust mites or bed bugs ever.

Xanadu mattress does two key things that any budget mattress fails to do:

Alignment of the Spine and Relief

Customers who invest in the mattress do so in the hopes of correcting their spine that has become in bad shape. Sleepers use the mattress to align their spines and posture at the same time. Customers who are off massive heights experience this problem, and the Xanadu Mattresses do wonders for them. To make sure your body feels comfortable the moment you get on the mattress, pressure points come into play. These points help your body to experience relief before and after you have used the mattress. Unlike all other mattresses, the Xanadu mattress is the balance between being firm and being soft.

Better Sleep

The Xanadu Semi-Ortho mattress key takeaway is that it provides better sleep than any other mattress in the market. Sleeping is one of the most important things customers do after a day of hard work. They need a mattress that provides relief to their bodies while giving them one of the most blissful nights of sleep. That is why the Xanadu mattress comes in handy. The mattress does not come with a natural bounce, but it does have solid support. Motion transfer is less in the Xanadu mattress since open coils make less of a disturbance. The mattress layering is what separates this mattress from the rest.


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Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress


Single, Small Double, Standard Double, King

Mattress Dimensions

|| Single || Width: (90 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Small Double || Width: (120 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm), || Super King || Width: (180 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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