Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa


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The lionheart plush velvet sofa is the most ambitious sofa Woodlers has put up for sale. Home décor items are supposed to be simple, but the Lionheart sofa truly brings a sense of majestic design to your living spaces. The sofa in question brings warmth and a sense of self-accomplishment. Customers prefer home décor items that are easy to handle and are enigmatic in every way possible. That is why the lionheart plush velvet sofa does the job. The sofa in question is the perfect investment for those who prefer a home décor item with a posh lifestyle.

The frame of the Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa

The frame of the sofa is of solid wood with high-quality materials. The base of the sofa involves the collaborative use of both the springs base and the padded foam. At any time a person sits on the sofa, they will feel comfortable. This experience is exclusive to Woodlers, and you will not find it with any other online retailer. Customers who purchase this sofa will be happy to know that the backrest of the sofa is a pressure point. Meaning, the backrest can be used to help relax your back at no extra cost. Therefore, many customers prefer Woodlers as it gives affordability and customer satisfaction at the same time.

The fabric of the Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa

To make sure the lionheart sofa is truly a masterpiece, we rely on using the finest fabric in the market today. Velvet is the perfect companion for the lionheart sofa. It encases itself all around the sofa to give you a prominent feel and smoothness which you truly desire. The main purpose of the fabric is to provide a tender touch to your body. Not too soft and not too harsh. A balance of two is what makes it amazing. Woodlers rely on plush velvet for its grand ability to give a perfect smoothness. Unlike its cousin crushed velvet, plush offers a simple way to elegance.

Colour of the Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa

Grey is the most balanced colour of the spectrum and is the best candidate to bring the lionheart sofa to life. The colour is the proper balance between both colours, black and white. Grey is a prominent colour that can be found in almost all our collections of home décor items. It is not an obsession, it is just that we just love the complexion it brings to our products. For many, the colour grey represents wisdom and intellect. If intelligence was ever, a colour, grey would be a perfect choice. The colour brings sophistication to your living spaces.

Why lionheart for this plush velvet sofa?

Lionheart is a compelling name. For the British, the name represents grace and honour. That is what our sofa does and more. The sofa in question all comes with chrome legs with link bars. The link bars can provide perfect support for the frame of the sofa. They can easily handle all kinds of pressure without disturbing the user in any way possible.


The assembly for the plush velvet sofa is simple. Meaning that customers who invest in the plush velvet sofa can get it ready in less than twenty minutes. Moreover, the sofa comes in three pieces. This means that, like a Lego brick, you can just connect and your home décor items are ready. All our products that arrive at your location come with an equipment pouch that helps customers like yourself to get your sofa ready fast.


The reachability and access of the plush velvet sofa are minimal, meaning any person of any height can access the sofa, except for toddlers. They would require parental assistance. The Lionheart plush velvet sofa is perfect for customers who suffer from mobility issues, as its soft feel is perfect for their fragile bodies. As people go old, so do their bodies. Old people do require special care and must have a comfortable living. That is why the Lionheart sofa is the perfect choice for customers who want to get rid of these body aches fast.


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Product Dimensions

|| Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa (2 seater) || Width: (169 cm) Height: (80 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa (3 seater) || Width: (193 cm) Height: (80 cm) Depth : (90 cm), || Lionheart Plush Velvet Sofa (Corner) || Width: (240 cm) Height: (80 cm) Depth : (90 cm)


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