Ergonomic Plush Velvet Bed


  • The ergonomic plush velvet bed is the perfect answer to customers’ desires to have a majestic home décor item for their bedroom.
  • The frame of this bed is make with the solid wood.
  • Colour in this bed we have just the Royal Grey.
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    • 30 £

The ergonomic plush velvet bed by Woodlers LTD is the perfect answer to customers’ desires to have a majestic home décor item for their bedroom. The design of the plush velvet bed is not only simple but at the same brings a posh feel to your living spaces. The high headboard with its unique wingback style truly enumerates a sense of divine intervention. 

The clear line postulates like and choices. The ergonomic plush velvet bed is a de-facto choice for customers who buy affordable items which are value-for-money. The bed exudes harmony and bliss at every glance.

Plush Velvet Construct

The frame of the ergonomic plush velvet bed is of solid wood. Hardwood plays a critical role, bringing the bed to modern standards. Solid Slats play the main role in framing the bed. As many customers know, solid slats are the go-to for having a comfortable bed for their sleeping dilemmas. Regarding strength, solid slats are ten times better than box springs. 

The box spring might have the perimeter to allow pressure to distance itself, but the solid slats carefully do the job as a unit. The moment you wake up, your bed retains its shape just like a mattress.

Plush Velvet Bed Frame

To make sure the frame keeps its original shape intact, a stainless-steel fixture comes in handy. Hardwood’s best way to work is with steel fixtures, not nails or staplers. In no way, softwood comes into our frame. We make sure you get a frame that is 100% durable and worth the price. That is why almost all our items are in your product range. 

The Plush Velvet Bed frame is the perfect solution for customers who want to bring elegance to their rooms. The bed frame constitutes greatness.  The main différance between a construct and a frame is a construct deal with external capabilities whereas frame is internal strengths.


The design element of ergonomic plush velvet is basic but adds modern design, so customers experience a posh lifestyle. The high headboard with a wingback style is the main reason why many prefer this bed and help keep the room warm. Customers would be happy to know that the high headboard and comfy footboard both come as a standard with the bed, so they don’t need to spend anything extra.

Plush Velvet

Plush velvet plays the main role in providing overall coverage to the bed. Velvet is by far the most desired fabric in the market and at the same time, many customers feel it brings luxe into their lives. Velvet is not only dustproof, but dirt-proof as well. This fabric is famous for protecting against a slew of hazards. The texture of the fabric is smooth and simple. With comparisons to linen, plush velvet is the better alternative.

Organic Grey and Special Offer.

The ergonomic plush velvet bed comes in a standard organic grey colour. The colour in question can easily attract and blend with any colour of the spectrum. Grey is the by-product of both the colour black and white. The colour imbues grand wisdom and is the sign of intelligence. Grey with plush velvet fabric is a match made in heaven. 

The ergonomic plush velvet bed comes with chrome legs as a standard. The only thing customers must pay is for the bed frame, and if some customers want to add the optional mattress to their order, they can do that as well. This will save you time and hassle as both items will arrive at your location at the same time.

Please Note

This is to inform you that the ergonomic plush velvet bed comes in two distinct sizes, namely standard double and King size. As per customer’s queries as to which mattress of size will be suitable for this bed frame. The bed frame size will coincide with the mattress you select.


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Royal Grey


Standard Double, King

Product Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (155 cm) Length: (205 cm), || King || Width: (165 cm) Length: (215 cm)


No Mattress, Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress, Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress, Erebus Super-Ortho Mattress, Apollo Pocket-Sprung Mattress, Adam Pillow-Top Mattress

Mattress Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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