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Pillow Top Mattress The Adam Pillow top mattress by Woodlers is the perfect choice for customers looking for a medium for their bed frame that is affordable as well as value for money. The Pillows Top mattress is a mattress that has several layers of additional padding which is presently leading the mattress. The padding is a mixture of reflex foam, fabric foam and memory foam. The materials present in the pillow top mattress allow customers to experience a natural bounce and firmness.

Pillow Top Mattress Design Element

Currently, the mattress comes in two types. The regular pillows top is the version of the mattress that can distinguish itself due to the noticeable gap that customers can view between the padding and the other frame of the mattress. The Euro Pillow Top design is a little different, as the padding that you normally see leading the mattress is now present at the bottom of the mattress. It gives the mattress an overall concise appeal than its counterpart. The Euro top is far thicker and much denser than the regular top variant.

Pillow Top Mattress Frame

The frame of the Adam mattress is simpler than you can imagine. The pillow top mattress comes with pocket sprungs. The coil layers in the mattress are in tip-top shape and the pocket sprung can work independently, meaning the motion transfer works amazing for you and your partner. Air vents are a common practice, and they help keep the mattress cooler. As a reminder, the Adam Pillow Mattress is odour free. The air-vents helps keep the mattress from building extra pressure and in no way retains any heat.

Pocket Sprung

A distinctive feature of the Adam Pillows Top mattress is that it houses individual pocket springs that help elevate the whole mattress. This hidden feature helps sleepers as transfer motion lessens gradually. The mattress is responsive better with use, and so does the comfort factor. Both the top and bottom layers of the Adam mattress includes a pillow top. Woodlers does this to improve the overall versatility of the mattress. The Open-coil system is the finest innovation to the mattress in a long time. Any mattress that houses more than 2000 individual pocket sprungs is much likelier than the best mattress available in the market. Customers who get their hands on a mattress that houses more than 2000 pocket sprung mattress. They are truly blessed.

Best Candidate for 2021

The Adam mattress is the best answer for customers looking for a medium-firm mattress that is affordable and offers benefits that outweigh the costs. The mattress is the best answer for customers who love to sleep on the sides. The mattress’s greatest incentive is that it can provide pain relief, accommodate your sleep position, and help you correct your sleep schedule. Woodlers LTD takes greater pride in bringing a medium that is a balance between luxury and affordability.


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Adam Pillow-Top Mattress


Single, Small Double, Standard Double, King, Super King (On Demand)

Mattress Dimensions

|| Single || Width: (90 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Small Double || Width: (120 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm), || Super King || Width: (180 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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