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The oyster corner sofa is the perfect home décor item that brings your living room to life. The corner sofa consists of two variations. These include the left-hand corner and the right-hand corner. The Oyster corner sofa is famous for bringing synergy between the texture and colour of the sofa. Simplicity is key as it helps customers decide if the sofa will look great in their living rooms.

To make sure the corner sofa stands out from the rest, Woodlers takes massive appeal by bringing contemporary design to modern times. Rubberwood legs have become so outdated that we rely on chrome legs for oyster corner sofas.

The frame of the Oyster Plush Velvet Corner Sofa

The frame of the oyster sofa consists of solid woodwork. Woodlers rely on hard work to make sure that the frame of the corner sofa is more durable than any other home décor item in the market.

Chrome feet and smooth feel are several factors to which the sofa generates an aesthetic feel. Moreover, the sofa in question is of medium feel, keeping a balance between being firm and soft. The scatter cushions that come with the corner sofa are also padded. The foam in the sofa is a perfect medium between your body and the corner sofa.

Why a backrest?

Having a backrest on the sofa is one of the key takeaways. A backrest not only provides support but brings classic seating. A human body is the composition of muscles and bones. Customers who work a long shift require their bodies to be relaxed eventually. This is where the backrest of the corner sofa comes into play. The various pressure points and the soft fillings help your fragile body feel more responsive.

Response time of the Oyster Plush Velvet Corner Sofa

The best way to judge any sofa is to look at the sofa’s ability to retain its shape after seating. Any sofa that retains its shape with immediate effect is the best option available. That is the case for the oyster corner sofa, as its soft padding enables it to retain its original shape without any issues. The response times on Woodlers’s Sofas are top-notch. To make sure that the frame provides ample support, armrests also come with the corner sofa. They add an extra level of comfort.

Velvet fabric of the Oyster Plush Velvet Corner Sofa

Fabric plays a critical role in giving the corner sofa a smooth feel. For this reason, Woodlers employs the use of plush velvet fabric for its oyster sofa. Velvet is an astonishing fabric that many customers prefer. Linen has always been the GOTO fabric, but this is not the case anymore. Velvet is a fabric that is famous for providing key resistance to almost all hazards. The design element of the oyster corner sofa is purely subtle. The finish of the plush velvet corner sofa is a short pile with a hint of matte.

Assembly of the Oyster Plush Velvet Corner Sofa

The assembly of the corner sofa is simple. Any person with a sense of care can assemble the corner sofa in no time at all. This is mainly because some parts of the sofa come assembled, and you only need to combine them. The frame is of high quality, which helps keep the tolerance level at a minimum.

Customers who invest in the corner sofa can get the corner sofa ready in mere minutes on the belief that the corner sofa is compact. The oyster corner sofa is the perfect answer to customers seeking something versatile for their living room. Woodlers also offers the option to buy the full corner set, which has both the left-hand and right-hand corners of the oyster sofa.

Hazard free

Unlike other home décor items in the market, Woodlers excels in bringing key items that are future-proof from almost all hazards. Our corner sofa is 100% resistant to dust, dirt, and spill-proof. In any case, if there is liquid damage to the fabric of the corner sofa. The best thing to do is not to panic and use a wet sponge to soak the spill. Using a microfiber cloth to dry it out is the best answer. Alternatively, the vacuum cleaner comes in handy in keeping the oyster corner sofa in prime position.

Colour of the Oyster Plush Velvet Corner Sofa

Our oyster sofa comes in the colour grey. Grey is a remarkable colour that helps blend with a variety of décor without losing its touch on modern design elements. It can easily blend with prime colours and at the same time, bright colours are not a match. Book now and bring enigmatic agility home.


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Lavender Grey


Corner Sofa

Product Dimensions

|| Oyster Plush Velvet Sofa (corner) || Width: (171 cm) Height: (87 cm) Depth : (76 cm)


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