Hydra Stack Metallic Bed


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The hydra stack metallic bed is one of the best options for customers foraging for something compact for their bedroom. Parents who have space issues regarding their children’s needs will be happy to invest in something compact and affordable at the same time. The main idea behind metallic beds is to provide better options whilst not sacrificing any access issues. To keep up with the current climate of affordable solutions, Woodlers LTD excels in providing key products that truly are innovative to the core. As the world progresses towards becoming expensive for your tastes, it is the affordable solution that keeps you happy.

Metallic Bed Frame

The frame of the metallic bed is of metal. It is obvious since it comes in the title. Metal is by far the most dependable material in the market after wood. The material in question provides strength and durability. The design element of the hydra stack metallic bed represents that the use of the bed is preferably for kids, but young adults can also be accommodated in the bed. To make sure that occupants of the top stack do not fall over, security guard rails come into play. They help keep the occupants and the mattress in place. As per ease, both the security rails and the stepladder to reach the top stack come with the metallic bed. Securing for safety is something Woodlers excels at.

Metallic Bed Assembly

The assembling of the Hydra stack metallic bed is not only easy but compact as well. The dimension of the stack metallic bed stipulates that the bed in question can convert any wasted space into something useful. Simple components help keep the frame intact and are squeaky quiet. To make sure, the frame can stand the test of time, solid metallic slats come into play that helps keep the hydra stack metallic bed in good spirits.


The hydra Stack metallic bed comes in a natural silver finish. Unlike other stack beds in the market which rely on after-market goods to blend in, the Hydra Stack Bed is all-natural. The silver colour is by far the most prominent in the market. Right after grey, the colour silver is the more brash version of the latter. Grey, a colour that signifies intellect and intelligence, came into fruition with the combination of the colours black and white. The shine and sparkle found in the colour silver are missing from the colour grey. This is not done deliberately, but it’s the natural effect of the colour. Silver represents tradition and wealth.


The ease of access for the hydra stack metallic bed in three. Meaning, occupants can access the bottom stack from all two sides. For access to the top stack, occupants can rely on the secured ladder to access the bed. Due to the natural element, metal is far sturdier and cheaper concerning wood. Customers are happy to know that Woodlers offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for its customers to add a mattress to their order of this product. This is as feasibility for our loyal customers. The mattress will be cheaper in comparison to the one that you see in our collection. This is to improve your choices. Furthermore, it saves time and money

Why the stack bed?

Customers who are on a tight budget can select this as a go-to option. The finish of the hydra stack metallic bed allows customers to apply a double coat finish of their choosing. However, we would like to inform our customers that any after-sales modification will not be entertained for a refund or return. We would like to have our products in the same shape or manner as they arrive at their location. Even the plastic wrapping they come in.


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Metallic Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic White

Product Dimensions

|| Double Bunk || Top Width: (90 cm) Bottom Width: (140 cm) Length: (197 cm) Height: (150 cm)


No Mattress, Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress, Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress

Mattress Dimensions

|| Single || Width: (90 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm)


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