Hydra Full Orthopaedic Mattress



The hydra full orthopaedic mattress by Woodlers is a blessing disguised. The mattress is approximately 10 inches thick whilst having 3-inch-thick layers for comfortable sleep.

The mattress provides ample support to your back and neck whilst preventing this sensitive part from injury. Woodlers make sure that the mattress is chemical-free. For this reason, only the mattress is dust-mite and dirt resistant.

Full Orthopaedic Mattress Cheaper

The reason many customers prefer this mattress is that it is not only affordable but at the same time value for money.  The thickness between the layers coupled with the open-coil system is the main reason why the Hydra Full Orthopaedic mattress is highly durable.

Full Orthopaedic Mattress Frame

The frame of the Hydra Full Orthopaedic mattress houses an open-coil system. To make sure that the system does great wonders for sleepers and offers the best comfortable sleep, a thick layering of foam is wrapped around it.

This creates a cushioning effect which increases in power with use. The mattress cover envelopes itself using quilted material. This addition to the mattress creates a much better finish and helps secure the layers.


Securing the layers is why customers prefer Woodlers, as it helps retain its shape after multiple uses. New improvements have enabled quilting to be improved significantly. Memory foam makes a grand appearance in this mattress as being the foremost layer.

This helps create a natural bounce that does wonders for both the sleeper and the bed frame. The bottom layer is also memory foam. This gives customers an option to flip the mattress every now then for better versatility.


The hydra mattress is full orthopaedic in this regard that the curves and foam create synergy for the sleeper. The mattress greatly targets the lumbar portion of the human body.

This mattress is recommended by the medical profession for customers who were in an accident or suffered various chronic pains. If customers are looking to feel a relaxing experience, they should invest in this mattress at all costs. Experience,


The fabric for the hydra mattress is hypoallergenic, meaning it is chemical and odour free. At the same time, it increases resistance to dust-mite to new horizons. This also prevents bedbugs as the material helps repel them. Therefore, customers prefer

Woodlers as our innovations are truly mesmerizing. Open-coil provides a much cooler experience, and it is due to the air vents that are present on the bottom and top layers. This makes the mattress more breathable.


The firmness level of the mattress is primed at Medium-Soft. Mattresses that use the Medium-Soft firmness usually extrapolate that the mattress is more medium and less is soft, Whereas Soft-Medium mattress is more soft than medium. An orthopaedic mattress is famous for good blood circulation.

The mattress fabric was the reason astronauts when they came back from their space travel. Their bodies became fragile and require a sensitive touch The material in question was the same as their spacesuits. It was a first-time experience for NASA, which later led to making orthopaedic mattresses more consumer-oriented. Make sure the open-coil system is over 2000+.


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Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress


Single, Small Double, Standard Double, King, Super King (On Demand)

Mattress Dimensions

|| Single || Width: (90 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Small Double || Width: (120 cm) Length: (190 cm), || Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm), || Super King || Width: (180 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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