Diana Chesterfield Sofa


The Diana Chesterfield Sofa by woodlers brings an aesthetic sense of style into your living room.

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Diana Chesterfield Sofa is the perfect answer to customers who are seeking something magnificent for their living room. The only thing that separates a stylish living room from a bland one is the selection of home décor items. Items that carefully disrupt the normal setting are a more viable option than home decor items that are vanilla.

That is why Woodlers takes great pride in introducing home décor items that are not only fashionable, but affordable as well. All items that arrive at your location are of high quality and durable in every way possible. The Diana Chesterfield sofa is currently the go-to option for customers that prefer traditional elegance.

Diana Chesterfield Sofa Frame

The frame of the Diana Chesterfield sofa is of solid wood. The hardwood frame plays the most important role in providing sustainability and longevity. The design element imbues a neutral appearance that can be part of numerous interiors. Tuft upholstery wraps around the arms of the sofa set to give it a posh look.

The shape of the Diana Chesterfield sofa is truly exquisite. This arc is mostly due to the frame. With the integration of a softback, this sofa set is perfect for customers who suffer from various chronic back issues. Woodlers takes great pride in offering home décor items that are UK fire and safety compliant.

Diana Chesterfield Sofa Dual Fabrics

The Diana Chesterfield sofa can be yours with two exquisite fabrics. You can either select in plush velvet for a more glam look or in leather for a more privileged feel. Both are exclusive to Woodlers. To bring the best out of the sofa set, we rely on faux leather to truly wrap itself around the Diana chesterfield sofa set.

Faux Leather

Faux leather is a remarkable material for the Diana Chesterfield sofa. It is perfect for customers who have pets in their homes. The fabric in question is not only scratch resistant but at the same time for proof as well. The faux leather comes in two breath-taking colours of brown and black. Unlike other varieties, faux leather is a viable option as it provides resistance to all forms of hazards.


The second fabric for the Diana chesterfield sofa is the wonderful velvet. Velvet has taken the fashion and lifestyle world for a spin. The sofa texture with smooth feel is the main reason why many home interior decorators choose home décor items that are truly breath-taking. Velvet has a distinct quality of being highly resistant to almost all hazards.

Direct Sunlight

The only thing that makes this fabric more vulnerable than any other fabric is direct sunlight. Sunlight might have an adverse reaction to the texture of the plush velvet. It may lead to making the colour faded and jaded. The velvet fabric comes in a durable colour of grey.


The variation for the Daisy Chesterfield sofa set comes in five options depending on the choice you select. The Diana Chesterfield comes in 2-seater, 3-seater,3+2-seater,3+3-seater and 2+2-seater. The other variety for Diana Chesterfield includes the colour and fabric choice.

Customers who prefer faux leather will get the option to choose either the black or brown colours, whereas customers who prefer the plush velvet fabric will only get the grey colour.  Woodlers offers home décor gender-neutral items, meaning that the products that arrive at your location can be styled with countless designs and colours.


The design element of the Diana Chesterfield sofa uses the Chesterfield design to bring British tradition back into UK households. The key takeaway for the Diana sofa is the use of British tradition using a French technique. The French version of the Chesterfield is more eloquent than its British counterpart. Instead of being upright, the French version is more relaxed.

Diamond Crest

The diamond crest design sums perfectly up what the design element truly looks like. That is not the only reason, the internal working of the diamond crest design involves the use of foam padding with pressure points. These help beneficial health upgrades for customers who suffer from back pain day in and day out.


The maintenance of the Diana Chesterfield sofa is simple. For customers who have invested in the leather fabric one, then their maintenance will involve the use of a simple brush to clean the fur. Customers who invested in the plush velvet will need to maintain the sofa properly if they want the fabric to maintain its original shape.


The fabric in question is dust and dirt-proof, however, a vacuum cleaner does come in handy. The fabric is also WATERPROOF. Not liquid proof. Diluted liquids such as wine or liquor could do more damage to the fabric if not properly cared for. If that ever happens, using the vinegar filled sponge is the best viable option. It helps lessen the damage, and microfiber cloth is the better alternative.


The assembly of the Diana Chesterfield sofa set is super-easy. Customers who order the sofa set can get the home décor item ready in no time. Moreover, the instruction packet comes with the sofa set. This helps customers to assemble the home decor item for use in no time.


The accessibility and approach of the Diana Chesterfield sofa are for everyone. Meaning, any person of variable height can access the home décor items without any issues. Woodlers take great pride in providing home decor items that are a viable option for customers with disabilities.


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Elegant Grey, Natural Brown, Mysterious Black


2 Seater Sofa, 3 Seater Sofa, 3+2 Seater Sofa, 2+2 Seater Sofa, 3+3 Seater Sofa

Product Dimensions

|| Diana Chesterfield Sofa (2 seater) || Width: (167 cm) Height: (85 cm) Depth : (77 cm), || Diana Chesterfield Sofa (3 seater) || Width: (209 cm) Height: (85 cm) Depth : (77 cm)


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