Lily Chesterfield Plush Velvet Bed


  • The plush velvet bed is a great design and meets posh overlooks.
  • The frame of the Plush velvet bed is a Solid wood.
  • We have just grey colour in this bed.
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    • 30 £

The plush velvet bed by Woodlers Ltd. is a great design and meets posh overlooks. Customers who are looking for a trendy, but a majestic bed for their room must look no further. The plush velvet bed is the perfect answer to all your problems as it brings opulence to your room with ease. The pictures of the lily chesterfield plush velvet bed don’t do that much justice, but that bed in question is of variable height. But the fabric studs in Chesterfield do make the plush velvet bed look favourable and prestigious.

Plush Velvet Bed Frame

Solid wood compensates for the whole plush velvet bed. Framing is special for Woodlers LTD as it helps define the overall base of the bed. Unlike the divan bed that purely relies on divan bed bases, the frame of the plush velvet bed is as majestic as the bed itself. Solid slats come into play in making sure that the bed can mitigate pressure build-up in the simplest way possible. Steel fixtures help keep the frame of the plush velvet intact. The addition of the simpler components is the key to why many customers prefer this bed above anything else in the market. The plush velvet bed is part of the hardwood collection. An exclusive group that makes sure that materials in use are of high-quality and long-lasting.

Plush Velvet Bed Design

The design element of the plush velvet divan bed is perfect for customers who are into grand designs. The high-headboard and high-footboard are some key additions that make the design of the plush velvet truly mind-blowing. To make sure the design aesthetic of the plush velvet bed stands out from the rest, a chesterfield enters the mix. Chesterfield is by far the most visible design element that many UK households prefer. The design has been in British culture for more than five centuries. And now the design is truly making a royal comeback.


The bed comes in a single shade that truly is the best colour in the market. The colour grey is the by-product of both the colours black and white. Grey is a moody but judgemental colour. Grey has become the most common colour in the market today, this is because the colour imbues neutrality in every aspect. Unlike other colours, grey allows it to easily blend with any colour. This is the key reason why many customers prefer the colour, unlike silver, which always likes to show off its presence.

Plush velvet

The lily bed surrounds itself in plush velvet fabric. Velvet is by far the most common fabric after linen. The reason behind this is that fabric imbues class and finesse in every sense. The smoothness and the plain design are the key reason many UK customers prefer this fabric. The affordable version of the crushed velvet fabric, the plush velvet fabric, comes with all the fabric. Plush velvet also can resist almost all natural hazards except sunlight. Direct sunlight has the bad hobby of causing the fabric to fade away. Overall, the fabric is top-notch.


The bed frame comes with a special offer to add a mattress to the overall order for the velvet bed. This addition is what separates Woodlers LTD from the rest of the crowd. Offering solutions to common problems for customers who have nowhere else to look for the sleeping requirements. This addition will not only help customers save time but also money. Please refer to the delivery map.


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Modest Grey


Standard Double, King

Product Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (155 cm) Length: (205 cm), || King || Width: (165 cm) Length: (215 cm)


No Mattress, Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress, Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress, Erebus Super-Ortho Mattress, Apollo Pocket-Sprung Mattress, Adam Pillow-Top Mattress

Mattress Dimensions

|| Standard Double || Width: (140 cm) Length: (190 cm), || King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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