Alice Bedroom Set


Our Alice wardrobes have the most unique colors in the market.

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The Alice bedroom set by Woodlers is a better option for high-quality home décor items. The bedroom sets is the best choice for customers who are seeking items to accommodate their bed frame. The Alice set comes with a standard two-door swing wardrobe, a chest of drawers and two bedside tables. The wardrobe that arrives with the Alice bedroom sets also has hanging rails as a standard. To make customers’ lives easier, Woodlers has taken the liberty to add two bedside tables instead of one, which many online retailers rely upon.

The frame of Alice Bedroom Set

The frame of the Alice bedroom set is of solid wood. This means that the materials are of high quality, which is a blessing for customers who regularly order this home décor item for their homes. The assembly of the Alice bedroom sets is simple. It is as easy as riding a bike. The equipment pouch which houses all the tools needed to assemble the home décor items is mostly present in the first box.

It depends on how many pieces the home décor items arrive in. If there are four pieces or three pieces of furniture, the first box will have the tools for assembly. The Alice swing wardrobe comes with latches that need room to manoeuvre and give 100 per cent visibility. A total of six latches for two doors come with the set. These latches help keep the door in pristine condition irrespective of the hazards you might face.

Design Element for the Alice Bedroom Set

The design element for the bedroom sets is modern and simple. The two-door Alice wardrobe comes with metallic handles that help customers to firmly grasp the wardrobe with ease. The latches that are present behind the door might be rough at the start, but over time they will become more responsive with use.

Oiling the latches once in a full moon will help the wardrobe to be more proficient. The bedroom set also houses a chest of drawers. To use the drawers is eloquent. Bracket tracks present in the drawers help to move drawers for seamless interaction. As always, the home décor items comprise four drawers, each with metallic handles.

What in the bag?

The Alice bedroom set also comes with two amazing bedside tables. Most online stores only allow one bedside table to ship and due to circumstances, they force customers to add another to keep the set even. Woodlers doesn’t account for these deceptive tactics, and customers ships both bedside tables for an affordable price.

All our bedside tables come with a drawer with bracket tracks. The bedside table also comes with small storage space for keeping stuff. The bedroom set is the overall answer for customers who want to add something glamorous to their bedrooms. The finish of the bedroom set is in matte finish.

Variations for the Alice Bedroom Set

The Alice bedroom set comes in three colour variations. The colour black is powerful as well as formal. It is commonly known for bringing a sense of security and protection. White, on the other hand, is the colour of fresh starts and purity. The colours are the basis for perfection in various quarters. The oak is brown. The UK consists of more than 500 varieties of Oak and is the eldest of the materials. It was a normal span of three centuries.

Grey is the colour of intellect and wisdom. It is a long-lasting colour as it has shades of both black and white. The colour can easily blend with various colours. The Alice bedroom set also comes in three bright colours. The colour blue is the most common in the market today. It imbues trust and confidence. Then they’re the colour pink. Pink is the colour of compassion and sensitivity. The colour is the by-product of red and white. The colour red is all about passion and energy. The Alice bedroom set in the colour of red is all about attention.


Woodlers would like to take this opportunity to inform its customers that the Alice bedroom set is on offer and items present in this set are sold separately as well. This means that their prices will be more than the combined savings you might be getting whilst ordering this bedroom set.


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Clarity White, Hopeful White, Sage Grey, Egg White, Powerful Black, Seductive Black, Void black, Magical Ruby, Sweet Pink, Sincere blue

Product Dimensions

|| Alice Bedside Table || Width: (40 cm) Height: (56 cm) Depth : (39 cm), || Alice Stack Drawers || Width: (63 cm) Height: (75 cm) Depth : (39 cm), || Alice Wardrobe || Width: (70 cm) Height: (180.5 cm) Depth : (51.5 cm)


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