Aurora Scroll Plush Velvet Ottoman Bed


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The aurora plush velvet Ottoman bed is the perfect bed for customers who want something extravagant for their bedroom. The design element of the bed is not only majestic but also amazing. Currently, the bed comes in king size, with the increase in demand more size may become available eventually. The tufted design on the headboards and footboards truly reflect the traditional aesthetics that many of the modern beds lack. To make the matter more amazing the bed comes in compact style and offers a minimalistic approach.

Structure of Plush Velvet Ottoman bed

The framing of the plush velvet bed is of solid wood meaning that the structure of the bed uses masterclass materials. Sprung slats play a pivotal role in making the plush velvet Ottoman bed come full circle. Sprung slats in terms of comparisons with other bases are more feasible as they provide a better version of comfort. To make sure that the Ottoman bed is able to withstand pressure, stainless-steel fixtures come into play. This helps create a perfect mechanism that not only helps strengthen the whole bed but at the same time offer long-lasting durability.

Why an Ottoman?

Space has always been an issue for customers who reside in small to medium homes. For that reason, Sprung slats help raise the Ottoman in a perfect manner. These slats are famous for their arc shape but the main purpose behind them is something spectacular. The flexible element of the sprung slats helps keep the frame in its original shape at the same time mattresses that a customer sleeps upon allow fresh air to pass through. These help cool the room and in return, the customer experiences a comfortable and relaxing sleep.

Mechanism to raise Plush Velvet Ottoman Bed?

To make sure the Ottoman risen had no flaws, hydraulic lifts help in that effect. These lifts are rough at the start but with use, they will become more responsive. As a safety measure, a safety latch is also present at the head of the bed that prevents the Ottoman from being risen accidentality. These safety features are exclusive in regards to Woodlers. No other online retailer offers such attachments that help you make the right decision.

What comes standard?

Customers who invest in the plush velvet Ottoman bed will; receive the headboard and the footboard as a standard item. This means that you don’t need to pay extra. The mattress will be optional and customers who buy both of these products will get the whole deal cheaper. The other most important thing is that by doing this action you will save time and money. Living a hassle-free life is what Woodlers believes and for that, it makes sure customers satisfaction is at the level.


The plush Velvet Ottoman bed come in two distinct colours Sage grey and lavender grey. Both of these colours bring the plush velvet fabric into an amazing escape. Velvet is a glamorous fabric that has always made home décor into fine art pieces. Woodlers always employs the latest fashion and style to bring you affordable as well as amazing items that you can really relate to.


Sage Grey, Lavender Grey



Product Dimensions

|| King || Width: (165 cm) Length: (215 cm)


No Mattress, Xanadu Semi-Ortho Mattress, Hydra Full-Ortho Mattress, Erebus Super-Ortho Mattress, Apollo Pocket-Sprung Mattress, Adam Pillow-Top Mattress

Mattress Dimensions

|| King || Width: (150 cm) Length: (200 cm)


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