Interesting Cleaning Home Remedies: The Cleaning Hacks

Remove stains from your favourite furniture i.e. (Amy corner sofas which is considered one of the cheap corner sofas in UK,or may be other piece of furniture), from kitchen areas, and other parts of your homes and your accessories, by following these cleaning hacks.

Fix Leather Furniture with Shoe Polish

To fix scratches and scuffs on leather seats, simple rub some shoe polish on a paper towel. Then in circular motions, rub the leather surface with the towel.

Flour your Clothes and Get Rid of Grease Stains

Apply the flour to the grease stain and rub the flour on it.This rubbing motion will aid the flour in absorbing the grease. After rubbing the surface, shake off the excess flour and place the clothing in to the washing to wash as normal.

Removing Lipstick Stain with Hair Spray

Simply vacuum three table spoon of cinnamon before beginning your normal vacuuming routine. The cinnamon will heat up inside the vacuum and like a heated air freshener, will spread a cinnamon scent behind it while vacuuming.
From Stinky and Sticky to Fresh and Clean Microwaves
Fill a bowl with equal parts of water and lemon juice. Then, microwave the bowl for 2 to 5 minutes. The heated water will begin to steam and break down the mess while also leaving your microwave smelling lemony fresh. Take a bowl out and wipe away any stains. Now your microwave has gone from smelling like burnt pizza rolls to lemon trees.
Shining Pots and Pans
Get spotless pots and pans by pouring baking soda over the bottom of the pan and then mixing in a good amount of vinegar over the same area. Let the pan soak in the mixture for about 20 minutes before rinsing with soap and warm water. Sounds like a great excuse for a quick TV break or time to pick up that book you have been meaning to read.  

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