Benefits of High Gloss Wardrobe

High gloss wardrobes are perfect for bringing life into your room. The design scale is as simple as it can be. Why invest in home décor that might dampen your feelings? Sadness always prevails. That is why High Gloss Wardrobe by Woodlers are the perfect option. They add elegance and charm to your bedroom. The ample storage coupled with easy access is what our high gloss wardrobes offer. But that is not all our wardrobe offers. Here are the benefits of owning a high gloss wardrobe.


Sunlight is as important to us as you can imagine. Living in a low light location is nothing we have control over. Nevertheless, we can use various home décor items to enhance the overall experience. The use of a high gloss wardrobe can do that. All of our wardrobes come with mirror doors which reflect light. The reflection of light is as feasible as you can imagine. The illumination of your room is a serene moment.

Clutter Less

Owning a high gloss wardrobe is a blessing. As they help lessen the clutter in your home. But the key takeaway is that these wardrobes can create adequate space in the rooms they are in. The compact is the perfect word, to sum up, these types of wardrobes. They are perfect for rooms that have small floor space. This also suggests that high gloss wardrobe can create the illusion of space.

Ample Storage Space

The most common reason why customers prefer a high gloss wardrobe is that they provide ample storage space. This gives them the choice to store essential and non-essential items. This becomes a perfect decision. Woodlers offers a full range of high gloss wardrobes. The Marsylia range is the perfect option to do so. Currently, they offer wardrobes in high gloss and a matte finish. The 208 cm wardrobe comes with 2 sliding doors, two drawers, two hanging rails and seven shelves. This wardrobe also comes with the option to add an LED light. The wide storage space and design of the wardrobe are truly inspirational.


Lastly, High Gloss wardrobe have the knack to be worth the cost. This is since the structure of these wardrobes is strong. The use of a 16-mm chipboard helps resolve any durability issues. Instead, it increases the overall frame’s strength in numbers. Woodlers relies on metallic handles. These help you use the wardrobe with ease. At the same time, the use of stainless-steel components keeps the whole affair intact.

Why choose a High Gloss Wardrobe?

In comparison to a fitted wardrobe, high gloss wardrobes take the cake. They offer better visibility than any other wardrobe in the market.  Research has shown that the more access you have the better. The high gloss wardrobe can provide access up to 75% which is remarkable.  The wardrobe is freestanding which means that it does not require any support legs. It stands on its own. Our wardrobes are properly secured as well. Safety is an important thing in which Tender Sleep excels.

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