Get a leather bed to transform your room

A fabric bed has its merits indeed but nothing can beat the stark and modern look brought by a leather bed in the room. It looks decedent and powerful even if you don’t go for the typical and strong black or brown colors. So, if you want to overhaul our bedroom to a more contemporary look, the first thing on your bucket list should be a leather bed. Don’t want to go for dark colors, no problem. The leather beds are now available in so many colors you won’t have an problem with color matching.

Things to keep in mind:

Leather beds are a rather expansive piece of furniture. So you need to make sure this is the thing for you before you invest major bucks in it and regret shortly afterwards.
  • If you have a screeching asinine cat that likes to sharpen its claws at your furniture, a leather bed is definitely not for you.
  • If you move your places quiet often, you may not want a leather bed as it can get scratched up and tear during frequent moving.
  • They are extremely easy to clean. So if you have children that like to mess around your bed, leather bed is a better choice than a fabric bed.
  • Got a hair shedding dog, who’s hair is impossible to clean from a fabric bed, you are in need of a leather one, as it doesn accumulate shedding hair and is very healthy in this scenario.
  • You are a pure vegan and don’t like the idea of lying around on animal skin, fret not. Faux leather beds are just the thing for you. They exude the same decedent look and don’t go against everything you stand for. Also, they are relatively quiet cheap than actual leather to isa win-win situation.

Types for leather beds:

Leather beds are available in a number of varieties and styles. Depending upon your needs and budgets, you can go for any one of them.
  • Full-grain: A highly durable and strong type of leather, best for families with the scratchy pets I mentioned before.
  • Split-grain: This is treated and durable leather, which undergoes slight treatment and wax coating.
  • Aniline: This is the most genuine leather with minimal treatment done to it. It has a nice natural look to it. But due to less treatment it is prone to damage and staining
  • Semi-Aniline: It has a small wax coating layered on it, making it a bit more maintainable than the aniline one
  • Pigmented: Commonly known as PU leather, this is the most durable type of leather, best for sturdy beds. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.
  • Faux leather:
  • Allergic to leather, or despise it for ethical reasons, then faux leather is the way to go. It looks just as nice and is cheaper than the actual stuff.

Styles for leather beds:

Now that you have decided which leather you want, decide on a style of bed for yourself.
  • Platform bed: A simple platform leather bed looks both decadent and inviting, giving the room a stark and contemporary look at the same time.
  • Crystal-tuffed accented bed: This may be a more common style but it is always right on the money. It looks powerful and gives the room a graceful look.
  • Upholstery bed:Need space for storage under the bed (or our dog to sleep), then get an upholstery bed and rock your limited spacing problem.
  • Circular bed: get yourself a circular leather bed and feel luxurious. Because, it doesn’t get any more royal than this.
So folks, use this ammo of knowledge and transform our room today with a leather bed.

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