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Creating a Bond for a Happy Love Life

October 13, 2016
It is important to create a common and equal balance in relationship in order to live a healthy and happy love life. For going things in wrong direction due to some reasons which can create an imbalance in your life. Your home also plays a vital role in building a strong bond between you and your partner. Here are some effective tips which can be beneficial to attain a healthy relationship:

Bed Option

You need to keep a double bed or a queen size bed in your bedroom i.e. cheap ottoman beds in UK for lying with your loved ones without any trouble, do not combine two single beds to make one double bed. Double bed is a perfect solution for love bird’s couple.

Décor your Bedroom in the South-West Direction

Plan your bedroom at the South West direction of the house; this will help you gain stability in gaining a strong bond of your relationship. As South West is the direction of the Earth Element it denotes heaviness and will hence, obtain a balance in your relationship.

Option of North-West Direction

The North West direction of the bedroom is the best position for keeping the bed in the bedroom for creating a love bond with your partners. This will boost the level of mental peace and also help the male partner for strong decision making.

SOUTH EAST – Say ‘No’ to South east

Ensure of not using the bedroom decoration style in the South east direction of the house, as South east is the direction where Fire resides and so it will increase the level of stress and anger within people living there. South east directed bed may also effects on the health of the female partner.

Creating a Floral Surrounding

For achieving a beautiful and pretty cool surrounding add floral environment in the room. Include flowering plants like rose, jasmine, etc. but ensure to use the natural flower and not the artificial one. Avoid using thorny plants like cactus.
LOVE BIRDS – Partner of your Pet
Keep couple of pets like Love Birds. Always remember that no pet should be kept alone, as even all the creatures wanted and need their partners like us. Incas of having a pet a pet or dog at your home that is alone, you should first bring him a partner, for making them happy too just like you.  

Great Bedroom Storage Starts with the Ottoman Bed

September 29, 2016
Mostly many people about 70 in 100 would say that we don’t have enough storage spaces in our houses. The lack of storage space make it difficult to organize and DE clutter the home. One of the hardest working rooms in your home can be the bedrooms, with clothes and personal items to store it can get crowded and feel less than relaxing very quickly. Personally I am using the ottoman storage beds and I love it when I truly find a solution to help with this struggle. Now I want to share my experience with my luxurious and cheap ottoman beds London—the ottoman divan with storage option, with your today, in the hope that you may want to join me in making all beds work hard for their spot in the room!

What Bedroom Really is?

  • Bedroom is that part of any home where we sleep, where we wake up to face the day and where we go to get peace and quiet after busy and exhausting working day.
  • Bedroom is also a place where we keep the required amount of stuff that we needs in our daily life from clothing as well as our personal stuff, to jewellery, accessories and all manner of other items (books, magazines, cosmetics, shoes, scarves etc…).
  • For small bedroom it is difficult to organize all the stuff and keep the bedroom clean and calm. The solution, as with most organising, is to find the right storage for the space we have, cheap ottoman beds London is one of the perfect solution for controlling the storage spaces.
  • Being able to store away everything out of sight means that the room can be really functional, but also relax us when we want to rest.

Great storage is a must for a functional and practical home.

What is Storage Bed in Real?

Storage bed has built in storage area underneath. The space underneath the bed frame of storage bed comes in the form of drawers, boxes or as a whole and small apartment types i.e. if the form of small stores. Cheap ottoman bed London makes the sense to utilise this space as much as possible, as bed is considered the biggest piece and central piece of furniture that we are likely to have in our bedroom, taking up the most amount of floor space – and just using that amount of space for sleeping can seem crazy (especially if you have a small bedroom to start with). Now – you may say that simply adding in storage boxes under the bed works just fine – and I used to do this under my own bed for years, but it really is far from ideal.

Get Benefits from the Cheap Ottoman Beds London

Here I am going to show you some simple and brief reason why I love ottoman storage bed too much:
  • Great for maximising your storage
  • Guest rooms can have hidden storage>
  • Storage Beds work great in Master bedrooms
  • They can create hidden storage from whoever you need!
  • They avoid too much furniture in a room
  • They take away the need for crawling to find things
  • They stop dust reaching your stuff much more effectively than boxes under a normal bed.

Tips and Suggestion for Buying the Right Bed

September 21, 2016
There are many things you should consider before buying a bed such as what room the bed is going into, the amount of space available, the decor of the room, how easily movable the bed is, and your budget. Follow these tips for buying your bed on budget and get the right and perfect bed for with the exact match of your bedroom decor.


The size of the beds varies as follows:
  • Single Bed: 3 feet in width
  • Double Bed: 4 foot 6 inches in width
  • King Size Bed: 5 feet in width

Height of the bed

  • The height of the bed you buy is an important consideration; ensure that when you add the mattress the bed is comfortable for you to get in and out of easily.
  • Low bed are easier for those with mobility difficulties.


Many of the beds can be bought with a discounted mattress if purchased together. We have suggested a variety of mattresses that are suitable for the bed with varying levels of support.
  • You’ll always want to purchase the biggest bed that your space allows and because this item directly impacts your sleep, you should always buy the best you can afford.
  • Never skimp on your mattress or double bed as sleep is one of the most important factors that determine happiness and productivity.
  • Search for some cheap prices bed in case of fixed budget i.e. cheap divan single bed, there are also other variation of ottoman divan beds such as:
    • Double size of ottoman divan beds
    • Small double size of ottoman divan beds
    • King size of ottoman divan beds
Suggestion for Decorating around the Bed
After considering the above mentioned points for a bed selecting for your bedroom at a cheaper rate you can also consider the following points as well to enhance the setting of your bedroom:
  • Add patterns and colors to your room which go with the theme color of your bed.
  • Use colors or items that would give your room a calm and composed look that goes with your bed and the wall paint colors.
  • Those items can be your side tables, your bookshelves, your dressing table all of those items combined give a clear look.
  • Bed also come with storage spaces inside them. Those drawers will help you organize the clutter into the room where things would give more organized and more structured look.
  • Through storage space you can have a lot of spacing to place your things into them.
  • Add a rug into the room with matching wall color or in contrast with your bed or wall color e.g. if the wall of your room is in red color the color of rug can be black.
  • Over your bed you can put lights which will give a complimentary look to the bed of yours.

Incredible Variations of Ottoman Divan Beds

September 20, 2016
One of the most popular selling beds in the UK is the ottoman divan bases or divan beds. Ottoman divan beds are not only comfortable and affordable than most other bed types and their comfort is unsurpassed, but also simple in style and design. Divan beds fit well in tight spaces due to of its features with having arguably their ability. Ottoman divan bases are made up of a compact square base that can take up less room than a bed frame, and often feature drawers with ample storage. Ottoman and Cheap divan bases may be simpler and less extravagant than a bed frame, but that can all change with the help of some delightful finishing touches. If you want to discover how to apply them beautifully and pick a size and style that is perfect for you and your bedroom, read on and let our ottoman Divan bases and its 4 well-known variations.

Ottoman Divan Bases with 2D Side Opening

For creating and amazing hint of contemporary and modern look into your bedroom by furnishing it from Ottoman divan base with 2D side opening The bed features:
  • Available in Beech wood finish
  • Frame is of high quality and durable
  • Elegant and modern design
  • Fabric cover with mushroom chrome glides
  • Storage capacity
  • Hydraulic gas lifts storage
  • Storage space can bear weight up to 30 kg
  • Storage space of this divan bed gives your bedroom a structured look

Ottoman Divan Bases with Half Opening

  • The bed features Beachwood finish adding the perfect touch of elegance and modern lifestyle in the room.
  • With the gas lift (hydraulic gas struts support) the bed which doesn’t require holding it while using the storage area.
  • It has been designed with the ability to tolerate the weight of heavy mattress.
  • This cheap divan beds comes with various fabric options with mushroom chrome glides used in the bed.
  • This ottoman divan base features half opening storage which can support weight up to 30 kg.
  • Keeping in mind the practical storage capacity required in the bedroom the design of the ottoman divan storage beds with storage space inside them which lets you store bedding items or clothes, saving a lot your rooms’ space and gives it a nice structured look.

Ottoman Divan Bases with Side Opening

  • These ottoman divan bases support weight up to 30 kg.
  • With the provided storage option you can put your bedding or clothes inside the storage space which lets you keep the room clean and organized without having to worry about the storage space.
  • Ottoman divan base with side opening option is designed in contemporary style adding a good level of practicality into the bedroom.
  • Features are Beachwood finish, Elegant and luxurious touch, Storage lift up feature with hydraulic gas struts support), Fabric sheet cover, Mushroom chrome glides
  • Add style, elegance and modern touch into your bedroom with our durably designed divan bed bases.
  • These beds come with variety of fabric option.
Ottoman Divan Bases Twix Front Opening
These divan beds are the perfect solution of small bedroom which also create a cosy look in the bedroom décor. The storage of the bed lifts up (hydraulic gas struts support); the bed is designed to tolerate the weight of a heavy mattress. The bed is highly practical with style and has a modern touch in it.The storage space inside the bed has Beachwood finishing which gives a hint of style and elegance to the bed.

Bucket List for Your First Shared Apartment’s Bedroom

September 1, 2016
Moving out of the parents’ house is indeed a big step. One that you will remember till the end of your days. But let me remind you, there is a long list of people that regret a number of choices they made in choosing the apartment as well as what goes in it. But no need to fret, I am here to help you with that situation. Choosing the items to be bought for your first apartment needs a lot of thought and planning. And most of you will be short on cash, holding out menial jobs while moving through the final years of grad schools. The solution is to find used or cheap furniture, that you can live with for two years max. After that, hopefully things will start to look better.

Bedroom Furniture:

Obviously, your bedroom will be pretty much the only place that only belongs to you, so start from there. The rest of the furniture will be shares among the roommates so there will be more contribution to buy that…hopefully!

Get the Right Bed:

Anyways, the shore shot way to save money, get a cheap ottoman bed. And here are the reasons for this to be the first on your bucket list: • Ottoman bed will make you room look like not so immature. It has elegance that enhances the look of any room you place it in. • Since you are getting a cheap ottoman bed, there will be budget to spend on other much needed items as well. • There will be no need for extra side tables or wardrobes. • It will prove very handy to move in case you change apartments or location. All your possessions can be safely tucked in the bed while it is being moved and you won’t even need to pay extra for all the items moved. Picture1

Study Table is a Must:

Since we have eliminated the need for side tables and wardrobe, the next item to get would be a study table and a comfortable chair. This can also act as your impromptu side table for keeping everyday things handy.  
Everyone Needs a Vanity:
The next thing to get for your room, get a nice mirror and vanity. This one is particularly important for girls (I know, obvious much!) but invest in a vanity that matches your ottoman bed and your room is pretty much set. Picture2
Lighting, Because We Don’t Want Your Eyes to Hurt:
For lighting, you can do either of these two things. First option is to get bed side lamps, or hanging ones that don’t require side tables. Or if you get an ottoman bed with iron or wooden paned headboard, you can attach stringed lights with it. It will look cute and will be very easily affordable.  

Tips, Tricks and Smart Solutions to Make your Bed & Mattress Clean and Neat

August 3, 2016

Bed is a piece of furniture for sleep or rest, typically a framework with a mattress. For many of us unclutter bedroom is the best where he/she enjoy his/her night sleep after busy working day. Bed bedroom cleaning is the important factor in order to achieve a perfect sleep. For making your bed and bedroom neat and clean you need some storage solution where you can store all your clutter.

In this case, ottoman storage bed is one the easy and budget less solution. You need to search many stores for find the perfect and cheap ottoman storage bed which fulfil all your needs and requirements.

A perfect and peaceful night’s sleep starts with a good bed with having the good mattress for proving extra comfort. How does yours stack up? Since we spend one-third of our lives in them, beds and mattresses deserve proper care. They’ll repay us with a clean, healthy place to sleep. Beds & mattresses need a proper cleaning for making it perfect for the night sleep.

Here I am going to mention some of the simple and efficient tips, tricks and smart solution for cleaning your bed and mattress which turn your bed into the ultimate haven for sleep.

Dust Removing

You need to remove the dust on your mattress and bed frame through vacuuming. Regular vacuuming will keep the mattress clean and fresh. You need to remove all the bedding from the mattress, and then use the upholstery brush to vacuum the top surface and sides of the mattress. Vacuuming removes dust, skin flakes and the dust mites that feed on body waste. You can also clean the bed corner through vacuuming.

Clean Stains Safely

If pets sleep on your bed or you like to snack in bed, chances are your mattress may have some stains on it. The easiest way to remove them is with upholstery cleaner formulated to remove pet stains. If a stain and snacks spots occur, you need to use an upholstery shampoo as directed to remove it.  Make the solution and use it as directed.

  • Take a small mixer bowl and mixed shampoo with 1/4 cup of liquid dishwashing detergent.
  • Turn the mixer on, and add a few teaspoons of water, a teaspoon at a time.
  • Stand back! The bowl will quickly fill with foam. Scrape the top layer of foam into a small bowl, and take it to the mattress.
  • Rub the stained area gently with the foam, using a sponge or a soft brush, being sure not to wet the padding beneath.
  • Leave the mattress exposed until it is thoroughly dry before replacing the bedding.

Cover the Mattress

Use some pretty and stylish bedding and covers designed to form a barrier between mites and the mattress.

Replace Down Products

Pillows, comforters and other items should be made from synthetic fibres. Encase pillows in vinyl cover for added protection.

Turn Your Child Bedroom Clutter into Neatness

July 26, 2016

Child bedroom is a place for adventure and a place for kids to learn and explore. Decorating children’s bedrooms can be a challenge, considering that the rooms will need to grow and change as they mature. That is why we bring to you some top tips on how to manage the child bedroom clutter and how to decorate your children’s bedrooms.

Theme Selection

You need to do a little research about the different available themes of child bedroom. You need to browse the net, magazines and some book and observe all the available themes. After searching for too many themes select the one which is according to your lifestyle and also liked by your kids. For a boy rooms, you might pick the dinosaurs or spiderman theme. For girl’s room, you might go for the princess or fairy tale style room.


Follow the following tips for selecting furniture for your kid’s bedroom.

  • When buying furniture, remember this tip: The simpler it is, the more flexible it is.
  • For removing all the bedroom clutter you need to select storage bed which offer a lot of storage option underneath the bed such as cheap ottoman storage single bed
  • Go with a style of furniture that has simple lines. A bed that’s shaped like a race car is great for a 7-year-old, but when he’s 13 it’s going to be time to buy new furniture.
  • Timber and oak wood are wonderful choices in furniture since they work well with any color and can be used for a child at any age.
  • Kids are fond of storage; you need to make storage easily by keeping a storage wardrobe in their room. Keep all the storage space and things at their height. Closet storage, benches and coat racks will all be used more often if kids can get to them easily.

How Big Is The Room?

Consider the size of the bedroom before planning. Having patterned and wallpaper on each wall of the room could really make a bedroom look too crowded and chaotic. Try wall stickers (picture to the right) to add character to your child’s bedroom or adds some patterned wallpaper on one wall and not the all.


Adding accessories to your kid’s room truly bring it to life. Accessories don’t necessary to be expensive, buy simple things like mobile or ornamentals decorations. Such things as butterfly lights, spider man status, fairy tale doll and heart lights always work well in child’s bedroom.

Walls Features

There are so many choices for kids nowadays. If you and you and the family have been to Disney and your kids got a picture with their favorite Disney character why not, turn it into wallpaper. With customised wallpapers available anything is possible. Check your local art and crafts store for peel-and-stick cork. You can cut out any shape, simply peel off the backing and attach to any wall for fun pin-up space.


Storage Option

Children’s are fond of storage things such as toys, books, ornaments, and other bits and pieces. Don’t just throw everything’s under the bed or in the wardrobe. Add some creative storage to a kid’s bedroom will add to the fun, like alphabetic shelves in the picture below.


Amazing Collection of Furniture Products for Small Houses

July 19, 2016

House is a place where we lived with our family and children. We need our houses luxurious looking and peaceful. In practical about 65% of the peoples lived in small houses. Furnishing small houses is a tricky process which required a lot of attention and knowledge about different items which can be fit easily in small space without any difficulty.

At our sites you will find a lot of blogs about home furnishing, decorating and guides to buying your new furniture but we feel that we have to miss some information at our site from where our customers take a lot of advantage. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the people are facing difficulties in searching the perfect solution for furniture for their small houses. Here we have a list of clever space-saving furniture products that we’ve collected will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Small Bedroom Furniture

For a small bedroom, you need to select storage or bunk bed. Ottoman storage double bed add a luxurious look to your home décor. Storage bed is just like a bed with two different functionality one is to provide a peaceful space for sleeping and underneath the bed there is a storage option where you can store all your extra bedding, accessories, and many other spare and unused things and keep your bedroom clutter free, clean and luxurious and give an elegant look to your bedroom. Some of the amazing style ottoman storage double bed is given here which you can buy from many online stores at a very cheap price.

  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening
  • Monza Storage Bed Double Tan
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Caxton Storage PU King Size Bed
  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening

Bunk beds also save a lot of your bedroom space as bunk bed occupy the space of one bed and offer two or more bed. Some of the bunk beds for small bedroom are:

  • Fiesta bunk bed
  • Alexa Tripple sleeper
  • Montreal Bunk bed
  • Tripoli Solid Wood Triple Sleeper Bed

Living Room Furniture

Many online store offer one-seater, two-seater, three-seater, recliners, corner-suite, sofa with left/right comfortable and all modern designs that could add to the perfection you want in your living area. The different colours include grey, black, brown, white, cream & red; select what complements the other furniture and the look of your room. Some of the cheapest and space saving sofas for your living room is:

  • Camden Jumbo Cord Fabric Sofas
  • Candy Corner Sofa
  • Amy Corner Sofa Leather
  • BRAND NEW Bergamo Corner Sofa Fabric Grey Right or Left Side Comfortable

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is not only a gathering point for family and friends but also a focal point in the home. One of the main and most important parts of the dining room is the dining table sets which consider as the centrepiece of any dining room. Practically people needs their dining table set strong and sturdy as the rock, comfortable accommodating, long-lasting and, in some instance even flexible in shape and size. Dining room furniture collections for small space are:
  • Aldridge High Gloss Dining Table White with Black Glass Top 4 chairs
  • Adina Black Dining Set Small 4 Cyprus Chairs
  • Eclipse Black Dining Set with 4 PU Chairs Chrome & Black

Smart Tips for Bedroom Organization In 2016

July 14, 2016

As we know that our day begins and ends in the bedroom, so keeping it organised will also keep you clear-headed. Decorating a small bedroom and finding storage solutions is becoming a big challenge. If you have a small bedroom and want to make more space in your bedroom, you need to revamp or redecorate your bedroom. Use your common sense and some clever storage tricks. For example, different sizes of ottoman storage bed are one of the good and final solutions to make your messy space clean and organise your bedroom.

ottoman bed

You are surprised when come to know that this article will show you some smartest way to organise your bedroom and make more spaces and store everything including shoes, bedding, jewellery, accessories in arranged manner and keep your bedroom clutter free. Follow the steps and tips below and maximise your surrounding and add beauty and attraction to them.

Make More Storage by Using Area Around The Bed

As the bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture. You can use your bed as a storage solution and organised your bedroom in few minutes. Bed surrounding area is both neat and tempting. Keep essentials visible and close at hand while maximising hidden storage space.

  • Use under Bed Space: Don’t waste the space underneath the bed as under bed storage space is consider an ideal storage space. Use a basket, boxes and bags to store your extra and un-needed things and keep them underneath the bed. You can also install some drawer or boxes under your bed and make your bed as a small store room. Some beds come with built-in storage such as incredible choices of ottoman storage bed, divan beds and storage beds, or you could make your own from repurposed dresser drawers.
ottoman bed
  • Headboard Space: Make some shelves for incorporating everything from books to lamps to favourite framed photos. You can buy shelved headboards, or make your own out of old drawers or pallets.
  • Footboard Storage: you can easily utilise the foot of your bed for additional storage. Cubbies and baskets are a charming option. A chest or ottoman is chic and ideal for storing blankets, linens, and out-of-season wardrobe items.

Organization of Jewelry

Jewellery organisation depends on the collection of your jewellery there are many great DIY jewellery displays to choose from. You need to make some prettily patterned shelf for hanging your favourite necklaces and placing rings in elegant and luxurious dishes. Try stacking bangles on a bracelet tower or cone, or hanging them horizontally from rods.


Wardrobes Solutions or Organizing the Wardrobes

You need to keep your wardrobes clean and neat. Keep each and everything in your wardrobe in an organised and arrange manners. Creating a mess in the wardrobe also create a lot of clutter in your bedroom. You can easily make space by going by going through your clothes and get rid of anything that doesn’t fit or that you haven’t worn in the past few months.


Ottoman Beds: A Perfect Solution for Small and Cluttered Bedroom

June 29, 2016

Ottoman beds are considered to be the most demanding beds in the UK. Ottoman beds are also called space-saving beds. The bed has the feature convenient storage spaces are a great solution for small bedroom design. Ottoman beds UK are the multi-tasker with proving a store room for storing all of your bits and bobs it also offers a peaceful place for sleeping.

The most astonishing and surprising ottoman beds UK offer plenty of storage space and drawers option for your shoes, bedding or bed linens, books, kids toys, accessories and clothing. When you are going to buy the ottoman bed, you are actually buying two pieces of furniture for the price of one, you have a bed and a cupboard all rolled into one!

Ottoman Beds UK

Many online stores offer stylish and amazing storage ottoman bed UK which uses ideas for restful small bedroom designs with cosy and comfortable places to sleep in the production of beds. Most of the Ottoman bed UK comes with a sprung slatted base having many benefits and positive points from a platform top which is a solid base and is very supportive. Some of the most selling, affordable and stylish ottoman beds UK are:

  • Ottoman Divan Base- Side Opening
  • Ottoman Divan Base- Half Opening
  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening
  • Ottoman Divan Base- Twix (Front Opening)
  • Quartz PU King Size bed
  • Caxton Storage PU King Size Bed
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds

1Perfect Choice for Houses (Not Having Any Cupboard)

In practical many houses or not all homes comes with a lot of built in wardrobe and cupboards where we peoples can store their spare clothes, towels, bed sheets,  and accessories etc. At this point, the question arises in your mind where to put all these things? The answer to this question is very simple and straight forward you simply need storage bed or ottoman bed which offer a lot of storage space where you can store all your things and keep your bedroom clutter free.

Ottoman beds UK are much different from other storage beds, which offer enough space for saving few items where ottoman beds offer full portion for storing all your spare items, blankets, beddings, clothes, accessories and towels. Ottoman hollow box is used for storage, giving you much more room for your storage.

Clutter Free Bedroom

Ottoman beds UK will help you a lot in keeping your bedroom clutter free and makes the bedroom as a centre of luxurious and attraction. You can get so many styles in ottoman beds at the online retailer and e-commerce store. Select and buy the one which suits your lifestyle and full-fill all the needs and requirements that you want in your bedroom decor.

Use the storage option of Ottoman beds for keeping all your spare and rarely used items for maintaining your bedroom in an organised way.home-staging-cherry-blossom-interiors

Functions and Operating with Ottoman Beds or How to use the storage option

  • It is very simple to use the storage option of ottoman bed you simply needs to:
  • Lift the ottoman base with no effort on your part due to the gas-lift hydraulics.
  • When lifted this hydraulics will also keep your bed in place, meaning you can get to your belongings without any hassle.
  • The bed will similarly return to the place with zero effort – just gently tap the mattress and it will come back down.
  • Some ottoman bed also offers drawers as storage option which you can easily use it by simply pulling and pushes the drawer.