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Transform your Room Environment to a Comfortable and Relaxing Place: Best for the Wintery Nights

October 10, 2016

Your room is your personal sanctuary, so why give it the short end of the stick when it comes to design?

A few simple tweaks will leave you with a room so dreamy you won’t even want to fall asleep.

Think of a Double Bed Throw and Blanket

A hot and non-stop debates start in the house with the heating bills and expenses, pardon the pun, and why not invest in a throw? Try a chunky knit or a sumptuous blanket up with a cup of tea of an evening. Equally, they double as great extra duvets when you have a party and your friends inevitably come to crash on your floor. Choose some light weight and warmth blanket or throw for your cheap double beds London, as London is considered the place of ice.

Option of Beanbag for Movie Nights 

For slouchy seating invest in a beanbag. This is the other form of comfort and brilliant seating furniture item, that don’t take up too much space and can be dragged to friend’s rooms for movie nights. Grab one in a colour that pops or a print to match your bedroom decor.

Invest in Cosy Cushions

You need to invest in some cosy and luxurious cushions. You will be amazed when come to know that cushions come in many of the different shapes, sizes, materials and colours, the more the merrier. Not only do they make your bed look cosy and inviting, they also add attraction in the colour theme and inviting look to the home interior décor, to an otherwise bland and small room. Go crazy with patterns and prints that contrast against your bedding.

Storage Basket and Bins

Baskets act as stylish stores. They look great plastics material with some ribbon tied around wicker handles for adding the durability to the basket, whilst serving a functional and practical purpose by hiding all the clutter of the home.

Caring Plants in the Room

We know that remembering to feed and water yourself is hard enough, but pick up an easy-care plant for some added life and for creating the natural environment to an otherwise lifeless room. Try one with bright sprouting buds or pot it in a fun vase. You never know, you may become quite the botanist.

Pick Out the Scented Candles

 Add up some attractive and delicious smell by adding some fresh paint stench. Try a scent that reminds you of home or a fun seasonal aroma. They can come in beautiful jars and pot and with the flickering flame adds a warm glow and romantic look to the room. But do be careful not to set any fire alarms off!

Incredible Rugs Option for the Floor

Hide that trodden, stained carpet with a charming rug. Get a bold colour or a pattern to revitalise your room and add up some cheap interior designing ideas. They look stylish when paired with matching cushions, plus they keep your toes toasty.

Paste your Favourite Photos

Pin photos of walls, doors and boards, however. It’s good to dot and design some of them across ledges and tables throughout the room in contrasting shapes and materials to fill spots with important people images of your life and that’s it.

Outstanding Cheap Double Beds UK with Leather Finish

September 27, 2016
Bed is considered to be the important elements in the bedroom furniture. Double beds are known to be a very important element in the bedroom furniture. The selection of double bed is a complex task which takes a lot of time for making the right decisions about which bed to buy we spend approximately 8 to 10 hours on our beds. A bed normally stays for around 7-10 years so making the right decision is important. In today life where internet is an important part our life through which we can easily access to any part of the world. Many online furniture stores are available for selling their product through internet i.e. cheap double beds UK. Each year the trends and style of double beds is change. You should keep in mind the following important question while buying your double beds. You need to ask yourself that for which room you are buying the double bed.
  • How often you will be using the bed?
  • The bed you are buying is for guest room or for your own room or is it for the kids’ room? Knowing where the bed would be placed is important.
  • Is the room too big or small? The structure and design of the bed also has an impact on the overall bedroom.

Incredible Styles in Double Beds

Double beds make the bedroom more attractive, luxurious and elegant. Many online furniture stores offer a lot of different variety of double beds. From traditional to contemporary styles of bed make an awesome look to anyone bedroom décor. Double bed comes in so many style such as divan double bed, leather double bed, fabric double bed and many more.

Leather Double Beds

If you like leather furniture and want to buy leather bed for your bedroom and confuse among the different varieties of available leather beds. Leather is a great combination on most home furniture and will finely establish a satisfying outcome for those who are pursuing on building a modern interior design theme. Nothing can beat the luxurious feeling of leather double bed after a busy working day. The Dakar Leather the cheap double bed UK from woodlers which is made from faux leather material. The perfect thing about leather bed is that they will not go out of style. Striking button design in most of the leather bed design adds a sophisticated and attractive look to bedroom décor.

Contemporary Style in Leather Double Beds

Double in contemporary style adding a good level of practicality into the bedroom. Contemporary style double bed is a perfect choice for modern bedroom. Most of the people are living in a small home, so in this case it is difficult to find places to store everything. In this case storage bed is one option which gives you opportunity to free up space in your wardrobes and on shelves etc. by keeping some of the rarely used item in storage space available in double bed. Different styles of storage option are found in double bed design such as:
  • Drawer option
  • Twix (Front Opening)
  • Side Opening
  • 2D Half Opening
  • Half Opening

3 of the Most Incredible Double Bed of 2016

September 22, 2016
Double beds acts a great space provider with something more than just a large room, double beds have always been considered a cool trend. Double beds provide a luxurious outlook of the room and present your room in a versatile manner. For more option of cheap double beds check these amazing double beds.

Amazing Zonni Double Bed

Natural Zonni storage and cheap double bed add contemporary look to your bedroom décor and make then attractive. This 3ft storage bed consists of 3 cabins and for fulfilling your needs it contains one closed cabin. The base of the Zonni beds is available in white and long solid timber fitted slat base. Zonni 3 foot bed in black color is in contemporary style with metal bed foot and wood frame covered by leather material. The headboard of the bed is high with 1 straight metal lines and the curved style on top of the headboard of this bed make it attractive and catchy. Zonni bed is simple and stylish at the same time made with high quality meterial, suitable for all type of bedrooms. The low foot bed gives the room an impression of more space. This 3 foot bed is suitable for small bedrooms. Natural Zonni storage bed add contemporary look to your bedroom décor and make then attractive. This 3ft storage bed consists of 3 cabins and for fulfilling your needs it contains one closed cabin. The base of the Zonni beds is available in white and long solid timber fitted slat base.

Griffin Italian Bed with Elegant Look

The griffin bed is a comfortable combination of beautiful and attractive looks. The perfect upholstery in faux leather all over the griffin bed gives it a very modern touch. With two basic colors black or white you also have the option of choosing the combination stripes, like on white bed you can have black colored stripes or on black bed you can have the option of white stripes.Elegant look! Faux leather finish! Italian design! A must have bed which would just add the perfect touch of modern looks with the sophisticated appeal in the bedroom. The quality of faux leather used in the bed is durable, long lasting. The bed has the sustainable feature of maintaining the finish of the bed without getting damaged for a long time.

Henley Bed with Leather Finish

Henley leather bed is designed with faux leather finish which adds a touch of elegance and charm in the whole bedroom. The bed features a curvy headboard and a footboard. In Henley bed you can choose from two color options one is in black and the other one is in brown. You have the option of choosing the color that suits your taste and the décor of the room. The bed consists of a strong timber wood frame. We are offering Henley bed in double and king size bed. You can choose the bed according to the size of your room. The curved headboard and footboard of the bed adds an elegant touch in the room. The faux leather finish on the bed adds a shiny touch into the bedroom making it the focal point. The bed is available in double and king size variation.

Tips and Suggestion for Buying the Right Bed

September 21, 2016
There are many things you should consider before buying a bed such as what room the bed is going into, the amount of space available, the decor of the room, how easily movable the bed is, and your budget. Follow these tips for buying your bed on budget and get the right and perfect bed for with the exact match of your bedroom decor.


The size of the beds varies as follows:
  • Single Bed: 3 feet in width
  • Double Bed: 4 foot 6 inches in width
  • King Size Bed: 5 feet in width

Height of the bed

  • The height of the bed you buy is an important consideration; ensure that when you add the mattress the bed is comfortable for you to get in and out of easily.
  • Low bed are easier for those with mobility difficulties.


Many of the beds can be bought with a discounted mattress if purchased together. We have suggested a variety of mattresses that are suitable for the bed with varying levels of support.
  • You’ll always want to purchase the biggest bed that your space allows and because this item directly impacts your sleep, you should always buy the best you can afford.
  • Never skimp on your mattress or double bed as sleep is one of the most important factors that determine happiness and productivity.
  • Search for some cheap prices bed in case of fixed budget i.e. cheap divan single bed, there are also other variation of ottoman divan beds such as:
    • Double size of ottoman divan beds
    • Small double size of ottoman divan beds
    • King size of ottoman divan beds
Suggestion for Decorating around the Bed
After considering the above mentioned points for a bed selecting for your bedroom at a cheaper rate you can also consider the following points as well to enhance the setting of your bedroom:
  • Add patterns and colors to your room which go with the theme color of your bed.
  • Use colors or items that would give your room a calm and composed look that goes with your bed and the wall paint colors.
  • Those items can be your side tables, your bookshelves, your dressing table all of those items combined give a clear look.
  • Bed also come with storage spaces inside them. Those drawers will help you organize the clutter into the room where things would give more organized and more structured look.
  • Through storage space you can have a lot of spacing to place your things into them.
  • Add a rug into the room with matching wall color or in contrast with your bed or wall color e.g. if the wall of your room is in red color the color of rug can be black.
  • Over your bed you can put lights which will give a complimentary look to the bed of yours.

A Bedroom Overhauling for a Birthday Gift

September 19, 2016
I know, reading it, it seems odd to give your kids this gift. But trust me, I have seen it firsthand. The last birthday party I went to of a 12 year old princess, the parents gifted their baby with a complete bedroom overhaul. The girl was so happy she couldn’t keep the smile from her face the entire evening. So I am going to describe to you the whole project, so can get an idea what would go into a gift like this. But first let’s be clear. This is a girl’s bedroom idea. Sorry boys, but you will only find pinks and boas in this article. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Start with the Bed:

Determine which type of bed you want to get. If your daughter had a single bed till now, this is the best time to get her a double bed. If you are worried about the budget, search for cheap double beds. They are easily available in any color or form. You can get a magnificent princess crown bed, or if you want a cheap double bed, then simple carve her nave in the headboard. A few simple polish coats and it will be an amazing and cheap double bed, and absolutely custom made. Picture3  

Dressing Table:

No princess room is complete without a dressing table. Get a beautiful mirror set and pair it with a chair matching the bed. It will make your baby feel so special. Get her favorite accessories on there and she would never want to leave this place Picture2

Study Table:

Complete the ensample with a beautiful and plush study table. Yes, we want to spoil the kids but they are still kids, who need to study. A new and beautiful table would motivate them to do so. Put her favorite books and magazines on there and equip it with a handy study table light. Get a chair that matches the dressing table’s chair to give the room symmetry and perfection.
Accessorize the Room:
Here are a few ideas to make the room look like a princess’s:
  • The best way to so for a princess room is to drape the bed with net curtains. They will make everything look magnificent and very princess-like.
  • Cover the bed with tons of pillows to make the bed a perfect gift for your baby.
Wall Colors and Decorations:
I think it is safe to say the color of this time of room will be pink. But the intensity I fit can be varied.
  • If your baby is really into pink then go all out and drape all the walls in a bright pink color.
  • But if you want to keep the pink subtle, then paint one wall dark pink, and use whites or off whites for the rest of the walls.
  • On the lighter shaded walls, you can add patterns or butterfly silhouettes, or anything your baby likes.
Follow all this and you will make your baby so happy she wouldn’t forget such an elaborate present for a long time.

Amazing Bed Frames Collection of 2016

August 26, 2016
Bed frames are varying according in design and style. They can have different design footboard and headboard, one or the other, or neither. Beds frames can be built with nearly any material and come in a variety of colors and style. Most common variations of bed frames are single bed frames, double bed frames, bunk bed frames and many more. vbc Design is what shapes the bed frames itself. This informs the dramatic shifts from minimalist, standard frames to elaborate canopy models. Style defines the overall look and theme of the bed.If you are unaware of bed frames and its types and design, you are at the right place; this article will help you a lot in the understanding of bed frames. Check out all these bed frames before buying your new on
  • Adjustable Bed Frames: The adjustable metal and wood frames are the common types of bed frames because they are easily moved and they are the least expensive.
  • Bunk Bed: Bunk beds have two single or full beds that are stacked on top of each other: to get to the upper portion you would use the ladder easily.
  • Canopy Frames: Canopy beds have four extra-tall posts, one on each corner, and they are framed at the very top. The canopy fits over the top that surrounds the entire bed.
  • Four Posts: These classic bed framed have a post on each corner, available in wood or metal and may have elaborate design and elegant headboards.
  • Platform: Platform beds are low to the ground and also called low-foot bed which is designed to eliminate the need for a box spring, money saving design.
  • Divan Beds:A divan bed is the most popular and simple style of bed available – and there are countless varieties on sale. Essentially, a divan is a base. You then add a bed mattress and headboard, sometimes as part of a bed package.
  • Bed with Storage: Storage bed offer a storage space underneath in the form of drawers and boxes. Storage bed frames have a lot benefits. It is suitable for small bedroom. Storage bed easily adjusts in small space and offer two different functionalities. In the storage portion you can store all your Knicks Knacks and keep your home clutter-free, which gives a very neat, clean and cozy look to your home décor.
  • Folding:A folding bed with a hinged frame, allow the bed to be stored in a much smaller space and also a good choice for small bedroom. You can use these types of bed in your guest bedrooms and spaces where the bed will not be used regularly.
  • Trundle:A pair of beds with one standard and a second oncasters so that it may be stored beneath the upper bed. This design is a space-saving idea and allows for an extra bed to be available when necessary, without wasting space when it is not.

Overhauling of the Bedroom…How to?

August 22, 2016
Are you meaning to change the look of your bedroom? And you are a bit low on budget? Then you are just at the right place. Following these steps, you will be able to change the entire look of your room with minimal budget. The most vital part of the bedroom is the bed, I know obvious much! But if you are looking to change the room’s look, hit the bed and the room will have an instant feel of newness. So here’s what we are going to do. We are going to get a cheap double bed, possibly even used form a garage sale, and we will overhaul it tour requirements. If you don’t want a drastic change, your current double bed would do as well (if it is a wooden framed double bed). Then we will make a few tweaks on the walls and we will be good to go.

Things you Need to Change:

There are three major things you need to change: the bed, paint and the lighting. These changes will make your room look transformed instantly. At the end of these changes, if you still have the energy, we can make a few more extra tweaks.

The Bed:

The first stop is to change the bed, both in the form of look and feel.
  • First things first, get a wood framed light wooden double bed. If it is a bit rough around the edges, smooth it out with sandpapers.
  • Get a comfy new mattress and really feel a change in the room
  • Next step is polishing. If your previous room was a bit on the darker side, opt for a lighter polished look this time, and vice versa.
  • If you are feeling more creative, you can make new headboards and footboards for the bed and give it a completely new look.

Wall Painting:

  • After the bed, change the bedroom paint.
  • For a darker look, choose an eve catching bright color to go behind the bed’s wall. Keep the rest of the room light in beige or cream tones, and accent them with the color of the bed’s polish.
  • To give a lighter look, choose a soothing light color and pair it with cream or off-white, creating stripes behind the bed’s wall, keeping the rest of the room light.


  • Go for the opposite of what you had before.
  • If you had ceiling lights, get new lamps, or just attach stringed lights to the headboard of the bed
  • Similarly, if you had lamps, get some ceiling lamps, or make them at home if you feel up too it. Strategically placed lights can liven the whole place up instantly.
The Extras:
If there’s still something you need to change, go for the curtains. Or you can make simple shelves or racks with the leftover wood from the bed and polish them exactly like the bed to give symmetry to the room. Place bright green plants against beige walls to make the colors of the plants pop out. Or you can shop for a new duvet set and pillows for the bed, matching to (or contrasting) the new walls of the room. 4 And if you still feel like changing, I think you are in need of a new place buddy!

Cheap Double Bed Options, You’d Want to Buy Today

July 28, 2016

Double beds are a must these days. Why do I say that? Let me tell you. Back in the ancient times when siblings used to get along with each other (most of the time), parents just put them in the same room and each one would have a single bed and a side rack to accommodate their belongings. That just does not happen these days. Unless you want one of them to conk the other one on the head in the night, that is.

Consider your Choice

Everyone wants their own personal space these days. They want to have their privacy and separate rooms. A single bed in the middle of a huge room just doesn’t seem appealing. A double bed fills in space a lot better and looks natural in a one-bedroom setting. Teenagers, especially girls,are a huge fan of all the pillows you can get’ and that requires a bed bigger than a single one.  As for the boys, well, they just want a huge and comfy space while they sprawl on their bed and play video games.

Cheap Double Beds

While we are on  the topic of cheap double beds the types and variations in the style these days have caused the vendors to produce cheap beds and beddings, as the market for them is quite high. People are getting over the wooden beds being the only choice available. Why to go for an expensive wooden bed that may not even match the contemporary look the bedrooms have these days.

Different Options of Double Bed

Wrought iron beds are very popular in these days as they are quite cheap, and provide a wide array of color options in lieu of the wooden shades and patterns. And it is relatively easy to move around as well. Another cheap bed that is in style is the platform bed. Although it is a double bed, it still doesn’t look as though it is taking a lot less space, giving the even a small space a roomy effect. Which is very handy if you have limited space but you don’t want to compromise the satisfaction a double bed provides.

Solutions for Space Limited Problem

Another solution for the limited spacing is to go for storage beds. They come in a wide range of compartment options, from one single storage space for weddings, to multiple drawers and compartments which can easily hold all your belongings categorically. Apart from being compact, there are so many stylish options available in storage double beds out there that you will never revert towards a regular wooden bed anytime soon.

Since these are relatively cheaper types of beds, they give you the option to redecorate and change the furniture in a few hours without any regret. By the time you get bored with them, these inexpensive beds would have been well worth the price they came in. So no need to get a bed and hang on to it until you kick the bucket simply because you couldn’t get over the fact that that beauty cost a lot. Go for the cheaper options readily available, and redecorate whenever you feel like it.

So, just to revise what we have learned today. Kids don’t share space these days.  Double beds are now available in cheap prices and contemporary designs. This can also address the problem of limited spacing. Combine this information and what you can take from all this is; you need to shop for new beds. They are so affordable and readily available that there is just no reason why you shouldn’t.

Amazing Collection of Furniture Products for Small Houses

July 19, 2016

House is a place where we lived with our family and children. We need our houses luxurious looking and peaceful. In practical about 65% of the peoples lived in small houses. Furnishing small houses is a tricky process which required a lot of attention and knowledge about different items which can be fit easily in small space without any difficulty.

At our sites you will find a lot of blogs about home furnishing, decorating and guides to buying your new furniture but we feel that we have to miss some information at our site from where our customers take a lot of advantage. The one thing that we’ve noticed is that some of the people are facing difficulties in searching the perfect solution for furniture for their small houses. Here we have a list of clever space-saving furniture products that we’ve collected will show you how much space a well-designed home product or piece of furniture can save you.

Small Bedroom Furniture

For a small bedroom, you need to select storage or bunk bed. Ottoman storage double bed add a luxurious look to your home décor. Storage bed is just like a bed with two different functionality one is to provide a peaceful space for sleeping and underneath the bed there is a storage option where you can store all your extra bedding, accessories, and many other spare and unused things and keep your bedroom clutter free, clean and luxurious and give an elegant look to your bedroom. Some of the amazing style ottoman storage double bed is given here which you can buy from many online stores at a very cheap price.

  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening
  • Monza Storage Bed Double Tan
  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Caxton Storage PU King Size Bed
  • Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening

Bunk beds also save a lot of your bedroom space as bunk bed occupy the space of one bed and offer two or more bed. Some of the bunk beds for small bedroom are:

  • Fiesta bunk bed
  • Alexa Tripple sleeper
  • Montreal Bunk bed
  • Tripoli Solid Wood Triple Sleeper Bed

Living Room Furniture

Many online store offer one-seater, two-seater, three-seater, recliners, corner-suite, sofa with left/right comfortable and all modern designs that could add to the perfection you want in your living area. The different colours include grey, black, brown, white, cream & red; select what complements the other furniture and the look of your room. Some of the cheapest and space saving sofas for your living room is:

  • Camden Jumbo Cord Fabric Sofas
  • Candy Corner Sofa
  • Amy Corner Sofa Leather
  • BRAND NEW Bergamo Corner Sofa Fabric Grey Right or Left Side Comfortable

Dining Room Furniture

The dining room is not only a gathering point for family and friends but also a focal point in the home. One of the main and most important parts of the dining room is the dining table sets which consider as the centrepiece of any dining room. Practically people needs their dining table set strong and sturdy as the rock, comfortable accommodating, long-lasting and, in some instance even flexible in shape and size. Dining room furniture collections for small space are:
  • Aldridge High Gloss Dining Table White with Black Glass Top 4 chairs
  • Adina Black Dining Set Small 4 Cyprus Chairs
  • Eclipse Black Dining Set with 4 PU Chairs Chrome & Black

Furnish Your Bedroom with Ottoman Storage Double Bed: Get a Lot of Benefits

June 14, 2016

The selection and buying of the right bed are important consideration for furnishing your bedroom and make it gorgeous and elegant. The solid top platform of ottoman storage double bed offers a great support to the mattress and the sleeper than a traditional slatted bed frame, or an inbuilt spring based system for a softer feel.

Most of us have faced the problem of don’t have enough storage in our bedroom. Due to which it is difficult to get organise and clutter-free bedroom. The bedroom is considered one of the hardest working rooms with a lot of clothes and many other personal items to store it can get crowded and feel less than relaxing very quickly

1 Solution for Saving a Lot of Bedroom Space

Bedrooms are the place where we sleep, where we wake up to face the day and where we go to get peace and quiet. As such we want our bedroom to reflect as calmer and make it collectedness as possible. Let me describe the solution of saving bedroom space and keep it clutter free for making it as a place of peace and calm.

  • Cheap Ottoman storage double bed is a perfect choice for saving your bedroom space and also a lot of storage space where you can save a lot of your items and keep your bedroom clutter free and place of peace.
  • You can buy your ottoman storage double bed from an online store, as many online stores offer cheap ottoman storage double beds.
  • Cheap Ottoman storage bed perform the duty of two in one mean it also offers sleeping space and underneath there is a lot of storage space which acts like a small store and you can easily use it for storing your everyday used items.

Benefits of Having Ottoman Storage Bed

Here are the main reasons why I love storage beds so much:-

  • Best Solution for increasing your storage space: Ottoman storage bed is a perfect solution for increasing your bedroom space. The underneath area of ottoman storage double bed offers different boxes and drawers where you can easily store all your items.
  • Ottoman Storage double Beds work great and considerable in Master bedrooms : Master bedrooms work well as Ottoman storage beds can be quite high up which gives the bed more prominence in the room, and also then gives more storage (again great for out of season clothes or large collections of handbags and shoes!).
  • Ottoman storage beds avoid too much furniture in a room: With having ottoman storage double bed you don’t need to have a large cupboard or chest of drawers in the room, thus freeing space and helping you to become more visually clutter free.

Well-Known and Popular Ottoman Storage Bed

I am going to describe you some of the most selling and well-known ottoman storage double bed in this article. You can select one of the following ottoman storage double beds according to your needs and requirements. Before selecting your ottoman storage double bed you need to measure the size of the bedroom first, and then according to the size of the bedroom, you can select your new ottoman storage double bed which fit easily in your bedroom space without facing any issues and complication.

  • Fusion Storage Leather Beds
  • Double Ottoman Divan Base- 2D Half Opening
  • Double Ottoman Divan Base- Half Opening
  • Double Ottoman Divan Base- Side Opening
  • Double Ottoman Divan Base- Twix (Front Opening)
  • Harrogate 4 Drawer PU Double Bed
  • Quartz PU Double Bed>