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Which is best for you: Bed frame or Divan Base

October 4, 2016

People tend to make the choice between Divans and bed frames for different reasons. Bed frames tend to be chosen due to them being more pleasing to the eye whereas divans tend to be chosen for their sprung bases, drawers and/or because they tend to take up less space.

Here you will some features of both of the bed frame and divan bases and knowing that which one is best for you.

Most Selling Bed

  • Divan Bases: One of the most selling bed in the UK, is divan beds, and for good reason. Not only they are affordable but also simplest in its designing and manufacturing and elegant affordable than most other bed types and their comfort is unsurpassed. A divan bed’s best feature is arguably their ability to fit well in tight spaces, making them ideal if your bedroom is short on space. Cheap divan single bed UK is the new variations in the divan bases.
  • Bed Frames: 20 out of hundreds of people buy bed frames. As a good quality bed, the frame can last for many years.You can mix and match pretty much any mattress with any bed frame giving you a large number of options.

Best Features of Divan Bases

  • Many offer sprung bases which offer extra support, assist with the lifespan of the mattress and in many cases are designed specifically to work with the matching mattress.
  • Many have a drawer or other storage options which are neatly incorporated into the base.
  • Divan tends to take up less room than bed frames as they usually have the same width and length dimensions as the mattress.
  • This could be particularly advantageous if you are positioning the bed between fitted wardrobes.
  • Headboards can be changed to change the whole look of a room at a much lower cost than changing a frame.
  • Some mattress is only suitable for a divan base.
  • There is also storage option in divan bases in the form of drawers and boxes.

Best Features of Bed Frame

  • Bed frames can be a true focal point to a room’s interior styling.
  • Bed frames are suitable in many styles, colours and materials.
  • Bed frames are available in many heights and sizes.
  • A good quality bed frame can last for many years.
  • You can mix and match pretty much any mattress with any bed frame giving you a large number of options.
  • A numerous and luxurious designs comes in bed frames.
  • The storage option in bed frames is larger in width and height as compared to divan bases

Why not buy Divan Bases

  • Divan bases aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as many frames.
  • The storage in the drawers may not be as big as space under many bed frames
Why not buy Bed Frames
  • Some mattresses are not suitable for slatted bases
  • Bed frames may not be as good for the mattress as a sprung base
  • They tend to take up much more space due to posts, side rails, head ends and foot ends

From the above discussion, we come to the conclusion that both offer some positive point and as well as some negative points. It is up to you, that which one is suits your requirements and needs.

Interesting Cleaning Home Remedies: The Cleaning Hacks

October 3, 2016
Remove stains from your favourite furniture i.e. (Amy corner sofas which is considered one of the cheap corner sofas in UK,or may be other piece of furniture), from kitchen areas, and other parts of your homes and your accessories, by following these cleaning hacks.

Fix Leather Furniture with Shoe Polish

To fix scratches and scuffs on leather seats, simple rub some shoe polish on a paper towel. Then in circular motions, rub the leather surface with the towel.

Flour your Clothes and Get Rid of Grease Stains

Apply the flour to the grease stain and rub the flour on it.This rubbing motion will aid the flour in absorbing the grease. After rubbing the surface, shake off the excess flour and place the clothing in to the washing to wash as normal.

Removing Lipstick Stain with Hair Spray

Simply vacuum three table spoon of cinnamon before beginning your normal vacuuming routine. The cinnamon will heat up inside the vacuum and like a heated air freshener, will spread a cinnamon scent behind it while vacuuming.
From Stinky and Sticky to Fresh and Clean Microwaves
Fill a bowl with equal parts of water and lemon juice. Then, microwave the bowl for 2 to 5 minutes. The heated water will begin to steam and break down the mess while also leaving your microwave smelling lemony fresh. Take a bowl out and wipe away any stains. Now your microwave has gone from smelling like burnt pizza rolls to lemon trees.
Shining Pots and Pans
Get spotless pots and pans by pouring baking soda over the bottom of the pan and then mixing in a good amount of vinegar over the same area. Let the pan soak in the mixture for about 20 minutes before rinsing with soap and warm water. Sounds like a great excuse for a quick TV break or time to pick up that book you have been meaning to read.  

Tips for Creating Charm in your Bedroom for the upcoming Christmas 2016

September 28, 2016
As it is common to all of us that Christmas is coming…..

A day of annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed most commonly on December 25as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world

Christmas is all about of spending most of the time with family and friends, decorating the house beautifully, and enjoying loads of fun and frolic. While many of us décor the home entryway, living and even the dining room with shiny Christmas ornaments and sparkling lighting, the bedroom seems to go unnoticed and under the festive radar. Change this dull and boring trend this holiday season by decorating your cosy bedroom appropriately as the big day comes knocking on the door. Make your bedroom more romantic and perfect for celebrating the Christmas of 2016 in a unique and new way. Read out the full ideas and pick the one which attract you and full-fill all your needs and requirements.

Decoration around the Bed

Bed is considered the most attractive and central furniture in any bedroom décor. Start your Christmas bedroom decoration form the bed of your bedroom. Nowadays mostly people prefer to the storage bed i.e. ottoman beds which is considered one of the cheap divan beds in London, for making their bedroom clutter-free. Below figure show some red colour decoration ideas for your bed or for your storage bed. Add white and red colour bedding, and install some red pillows with white polka dots on it.

Contemporary Ideas for Making your Bedroom More Attractive

Red and green look as appealing in a modern context as they do in traditional settings. This becomes all the more simple during the festive season, as some lovely garlands in green and Christmas ornaments in red easily get the job done. The bedroom here uses red more extensively with drapes, a painted bed frame and a ravishing red lamp shade.
  • Adding red colour curtains make the window area as a centre of attraction.
  • Paste some paper words (Joy, Love, Peace) in red colour on the mirror that you have keep above the bed.
  • Two coloured pillows i.e. red and white colour make the bedroom as a perfect for celebrating the Christmas.
  • Red lamp gives a romantic look your bedroom not only for the Christmas but also for casual days too.
  • Add up some artificial plants above the bench of your bed.

Child Bedroom Ideas

Children relish having their own bedroom to play, read and sleep in and will likely want to make their mark with colour on the walls, floors and furnishings given half the chance. A white and charm style children’s bedroom with a traditional iron bed looks festive with a twinkling Christmas tree and decorations. The twinkle style Christmas trees make the bedroom attractive and perfect for enjoying more on the day of Christmas for your kids. Add some white lights in the large tress and white bed cover make the room look cosier. The three teddy and bear pandas collection above the chair along the footboard of the child bed make the room luxurious and as well keep your kids happy too.

A Bedroom Overhauling for a Birthday Gift

September 19, 2016
I know, reading it, it seems odd to give your kids this gift. But trust me, I have seen it firsthand. The last birthday party I went to of a 12 year old princess, the parents gifted their baby with a complete bedroom overhaul. The girl was so happy she couldn’t keep the smile from her face the entire evening. So I am going to describe to you the whole project, so can get an idea what would go into a gift like this. But first let’s be clear. This is a girl’s bedroom idea. Sorry boys, but you will only find pinks and boas in this article. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Start with the Bed:

Determine which type of bed you want to get. If your daughter had a single bed till now, this is the best time to get her a double bed. If you are worried about the budget, search for cheap double beds. They are easily available in any color or form. You can get a magnificent princess crown bed, or if you want a cheap double bed, then simple carve her nave in the headboard. A few simple polish coats and it will be an amazing and cheap double bed, and absolutely custom made. Picture3  

Dressing Table:

No princess room is complete without a dressing table. Get a beautiful mirror set and pair it with a chair matching the bed. It will make your baby feel so special. Get her favorite accessories on there and she would never want to leave this place Picture2

Study Table:

Complete the ensample with a beautiful and plush study table. Yes, we want to spoil the kids but they are still kids, who need to study. A new and beautiful table would motivate them to do so. Put her favorite books and magazines on there and equip it with a handy study table light. Get a chair that matches the dressing table’s chair to give the room symmetry and perfection.
Accessorize the Room:
Here are a few ideas to make the room look like a princess’s:
  • The best way to so for a princess room is to drape the bed with net curtains. They will make everything look magnificent and very princess-like.
  • Cover the bed with tons of pillows to make the bed a perfect gift for your baby.
Wall Colors and Decorations:
I think it is safe to say the color of this time of room will be pink. But the intensity I fit can be varied.
  • If your baby is really into pink then go all out and drape all the walls in a bright pink color.
  • But if you want to keep the pink subtle, then paint one wall dark pink, and use whites or off whites for the rest of the walls.
  • On the lighter shaded walls, you can add patterns or butterfly silhouettes, or anything your baby likes.
Follow all this and you will make your baby so happy she wouldn’t forget such an elaborate present for a long time.

Decorating a Small Living Room

September 8, 2016
We have all, some time in our suffered from the limited capacity problems. We have all lived in apartments or houses that are a bit compact and crammed for our liking. We want to decorate them with plush furniture and expansive items but can’t sue to lack of space. Well, you don’t have to fret anymore. Today we are going to find out how you can decorate your small and compact living rooms without killing your inner interior decorator.

Find the Right Furniture.

The first thing you need to get is the right furniture. Proper furnishing can change the look of the whole place. Instead of looking crammed and suffocating, the living room can looked all roomy and gorgeous by following the simple tips below.
  • The best option in situations like this is to get a corner sofa. It not only brings elegance to the living room but also conserves a lot of space. Even if you are low on the budget, you can always get beautiful a cheap corner sofa. You just have to do a lot of research and visit websites and you will get the sofa with your requirements.
  • For the center, instead of getting a center or coffee table, get an ottoman instead. It can serve the purpose of a coffee table and as a footrest whenever needed. It can also serve as an individual seat if you are catering for a number of guests.
  • Use throw pillows for comfy seating instead of extra chairs. They will conserve a lot of space and make the room look warm and welcoming.
  • Avoid using side lamps, as you will need additional side tables or extra space around the corners to place them. You can opt for chandeliers instead. They look elegant, provide sufficient lighting and fulfill our major requirement, conserving the space.

Decorate The Walls Accordingly:

A great deal of thought needs to be put for decorating a small living room.
  • A neat trick is to keep one wall dark and the other ones in a very light shade. It creates an open affect in the room
  • On the darker wall, place a large mirror in a way that it reflects the adjacent lighter walls. It will give the perception of a more open an elongated space than it is.
  • Whereas  on the lighter walls, you can opt for decorations and wall hangings that match the darker wall.
  • If you want to place decorations in the living room, get wall mount shelves for them. They will look more prominent and will save space as well.

Keep The Furniture Minimal:

Picture2 Keep all the unnecessary furniture out of the living room. If something is not needed there, don’t keep it in the way. Similarly, only get the necessary furniture. If you have an LCD, instead of keeping it on a rack that will take all the space, wall mount it instead. This will also ensure that you can get as big an LCD as you desire without worrying about the space.
Place the Rugs Strategically:
Place the rugs half under the sofas to create an illusion of an open space. Follow these simple tips and you will have a much open looking living room with preface furnishing and maximum seating capacity.

Small Space Furnishing Solution in 2016

September 6, 2016
The average British home is only 85 to 90 square meters. The UK has the smallest homes in Western Europe, compared with the rest of Europe home size of 125 square meters. Getting organized makes life easier, regardless of the size of your home. When you have a small living space, the importance of organizing effort is doubles. If you want to enjoy every last inch of your little home, you are going to have to clean up your act. Picture1 These are some of the best ideas we’re seen for tucking away all the stuff that tends to accumulate in a bedroom, and ensuring that you’s sleeping space will be calm and restful.In this article you will find the small space saving furniture for your home furnishing and make it attractive and luxurious.

Storage Beds

Divan beds are different from the normal beds. If you want to change your bed and replace the old one with the new one then you should need to think about of divan beds. Cheap divan beds also offer storage which acts as two in one mean upper portion is used for rest and sleeping and the lower portion is used as a store where you can store all your spare items. Cheap Divan beds with storage option are getting to be more and more popular as the needs grow for the bedroom to evolve into a more multi-functional area. Picture2

Storage Units

  • Buy storage furniture that have drawers or compartments in which to tuck things away are a good choice. They add a ton of extra storage space while reducing visual clutter.
  • Drawer dividers are a cheap and easy to find, and they can help you classify and contain the chaos that is probably lurking in your cluttered drawers.
  • Shoe racks, see-through or labelled bins, hat boxes, and units with drawers can help you tidy up your closets and give everything inside an appropriate place to reside while not in use.
  • Graduated shelving, dividers, and other cabinet organizational systems can help you fit twice as much in your cabinets while keeping it all neatly organized and easy to grab without causing an avalanche.

Corona Storage Rack

The storage rack is also a good choice for creating storage space by placing it in any corner of your home. Such as corona storage rack is a very traditional design for placing your wine bottles. It is made with solid pine and antique waxed dark pine finishing. It has one drawer and a lot of space on the upper shelves and underneath as well where you can place your liquor bottles. Picture5
Follow the Tip
  • When you are organizing your small space, scrutinize each and every one of your possessions.
  • Ask yourself whether yourself whether you want to ditch it, display it, or stash it.
  • Ditch anything that is not beautiful or useful to you.
  • Don’t save anything out of obligation, or just in case.
  • If you love the way something looks or uses it multiple times a day, its best left on display.
  • If it is something that you absolutely must keep but it is not aesthetically pleasing or in contrast use, stash it.
  • Heed this advice, and make your small space will be organized and tidy in no time.

Get a leather bed to transform your room

September 2, 2016
A fabric bed has its merits indeed but nothing can beat the stark and modern look brought by a leather bed in the room. It looks decedent and powerful even if you don’t go for the typical and strong black or brown colors. So, if you want to overhaul our bedroom to a more contemporary look, the first thing on your bucket list should be a leather bed. Don’t want to go for dark colors, no problem. The leather beds are now available in so many colors you won’t have an problem with color matching.

Things to keep in mind:

Leather beds are a rather expansive piece of furniture. So you need to make sure this is the thing for you before you invest major bucks in it and regret shortly afterwards.
  • If you have a screeching asinine cat that likes to sharpen its claws at your furniture, a leather bed is definitely not for you.
  • If you move your places quiet often, you may not want a leather bed as it can get scratched up and tear during frequent moving.
  • They are extremely easy to clean. So if you have children that like to mess around your bed, leather bed is a better choice than a fabric bed.
  • Got a hair shedding dog, who’s hair is impossible to clean from a fabric bed, you are in need of a leather one, as it doesn accumulate shedding hair and is very healthy in this scenario.
  • You are a pure vegan and don’t like the idea of lying around on animal skin, fret not. Faux leather beds are just the thing for you. They exude the same decedent look and don’t go against everything you stand for. Also, they are relatively quiet cheap than actual leather to isa win-win situation.

Types for leather beds:

Leather beds are available in a number of varieties and styles. Depending upon your needs and budgets, you can go for any one of them.
  • Full-grain: A highly durable and strong type of leather, best for families with the scratchy pets I mentioned before.
  • Split-grain: This is treated and durable leather, which undergoes slight treatment and wax coating.
  • Aniline: This is the most genuine leather with minimal treatment done to it. It has a nice natural look to it. But due to less treatment it is prone to damage and staining
  • Semi-Aniline: It has a small wax coating layered on it, making it a bit more maintainable than the aniline one
  • Pigmented: Commonly known as PU leather, this is the most durable type of leather, best for sturdy beds. They are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.
  • Faux leather:
  • Allergic to leather, or despise it for ethical reasons, then faux leather is the way to go. It looks just as nice and is cheaper than the actual stuff.

Styles for leather beds:

Now that you have decided which leather you want, decide on a style of bed for yourself.
  • Platform bed: A simple platform leather bed looks both decadent and inviting, giving the room a stark and contemporary look at the same time.
  • Crystal-tuffed accented bed: This may be a more common style but it is always right on the money. It looks powerful and gives the room a graceful look.
  • Upholstery bed:Need space for storage under the bed (or our dog to sleep), then get an upholstery bed and rock your limited spacing problem.
  • Circular bed: get yourself a circular leather bed and feel luxurious. Because, it doesn’t get any more royal than this.
So folks, use this ammo of knowledge and transform our room today with a leather bed.

Decorating Your Loft Space to Perfection

August 30, 2016
Being the younger one of the household, I was always left with stuff no one else wants. Clothes they didn’t want to wear or furniture they didn’t need. That is how I got stuck with having my bedroom in the loft no one wanted. It was small and cramped and the ceiling was low. But little did they know, I had my eye on the loft for a very long time. Because I knew, with just a touch of furnishing adjustment and some smart thinking, the room would look amazing, which it does now. So I am going to share my pet tips with you to make the loft seem airy and spacious and in general, amazing!

Getting the Right Curtains:

Some lofts don’t have curtains but if you have, you have struck gold. Decorate your windows with the most sheer, light and flowy curtains you can find. They will instantly give the room a light and airy affect. Keep the color of the curtains light, for the same reasons. Bright colors will draw attention and make the loft seem small.

Choose The Right Furniture:

The most important furniture you need to get right is the bed. Get a double bed for the loft; it is more comfortable than a single one and doesn’t take up the entire space as a queen or king size. If you are self-financing the renovation then go for a simple double bed, with light wooden or iron headboard. Get a nice two or maximum three door wardrobe preferably with a mirror to save space. Do not get side tables, they will just take up unnecessary space. Assign a compartment for your makeup in the wardrobe and a chair by the side. This will reduce the need to get a full size vanity that you don’t have the space to fit into. Picture1

Light up the Place Strategically:

A loft is no place for luxurious lampshades. The best way is to get hanging lamps by the bed, or you can go the cute way and use string lights around the headboard of your double bed to get the lighting.
Put Up a Wall Shoe rack:
Obviously you don’t have space to get a rack or install one so here is what you should do. Have you watched ‘Me Before You’? of course you have. Make a rack on your wall by simple wooden rods and display your collection proudly. Also, it will fill up the wall, saving money from otherwise needing to decorate it. Picture2
Paint the place cleverly:
As with the curtains, use light and soft colors for the loft. Stripes give the illusion of a longer space, so try to incorporate them in at least one of the walls. Mirrors also make the place look big, so ditch the useless paintings and go for strategically placed mirrors for the loft Keep the rest of the walls plain and with minimal wall decoration. It will make the space look airy. So there you go guys, follow these simple tips and create yourself such a beautiful place to sleep, everyone will be envious of it.

Preparing the Guest Bedrooms for the Upcoming Holidays

August 29, 2016
With the holiday season upon it is time to start overhauling the guest bedrooms. If you are expecting a stampede of guests and kids coming over for the holidays, you had better start preparing for them while you still have time. The first issue to resolve would be the age old one, that is limited spacing. This is especially an issue if there are a number of guests to be expected to visit at the same time. You want to welcome all, but if you are going to make them sleep on a pallet bedding, that is just not cool. Maximize Spacing In Guest Bedrooms: Following are some sure shot ways to maximize the guest bedroom spacing.
  • Get Rid Of Extra Furniture:
There is generally no need for study tables and the like in a guest bedroom. So if you have one, try to relocate it to some other part of the house.

Buy Storage Beds:

Storage beds save a ton of space and are very handy to stow away the massive clutter that is bound to come with the Christmas holidays and guests. If you are a bit short on the budget, search for cheap storage beds. They are not only handy for the clutter, but they give the room an instant decorated effect. The best option is to get cheap ottoman storage beds. They are extremely comfortable, provide maximum storage capacity and have a luxurious effect, which completes the guest room with even minimal of the furnishing. Following the rest of the guidelines, you may even be able to put two beds in the same room. 2
  • Replace the wardrobes:
If you have overly bulky and space occupying wardrobes, get rid of them. Wither exchange them with some other much needed furniture for the guest bedroom, or place them somewhere else in the house. With the storage beds you are getting, you won’t need any wardrobes anyway.
  • Opt for wall mount shelves:
Instead of using tables and side racks for storage, opt for shelves that can be mounted on the walls. They provide two benefits. One, they open up the room more and provide an open space. Second, they are a great substitute to the pricy wall decorations and paintings or art. The walls will look covered and nicely decorated while spending minimal budget. Picture1
  • Wall mounted LED:
If you want to provide an LED for the guest bedroom, instead of getting an elaborate TV rack, which takes up the entire wall, simply mount it on the wall. It will not take minimal space, but make the room not look claustrophobic as well.
  • Go for ceiling lamps:
Ceiling lamps reduce the need for side tables and desks, as well as being elegant and contemporary. They give the room an instant boost of elegance. Another great advantage they provide is that they are really easy to make. If you don’t want to spend on the lamps, you can always make them at home. They can be easily created with materials readily available at home. There you go, follow the guidelines and you will be able to welcome all your guests this Christmas, and provide them with a luxurious and relaxed stay. But be warned, they might like it so much, that they will want to return every year! Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

Choose the wardrobe that suits you best

August 23, 2016
Just like a good outfit makes you feel good, a nice and luscious wardrobe makes you feel powerful. Ask Rebecca Bloomwood if you don’t believe me. But not all of us have the luxury to have an entire walk in closet at our disposal. But no worries ladies, that is why they created spacious and luxurious wardrobes. A good wardrobe can elevate your spirit as the proverbial glass shoe does to Cinderella. So obviously, it is monumental to choose the right kind of wardrobe that makes you feel like is made just for you.

Choose the right material:

The first step is to determine which material you want your wardrobe want in. there are so many types of materials available. • Oak wardrobe: You can go for a solid oak wardrobe to give an elegant and grownup look to your room. • Particle Board wardrobe: If you want a higher wardrobe, nine to ten feet high, you may want to go for the Particle Board. It is quiet flexible and will accommodate well for a higher wardrobe design. • MDF wardrobe: If you are low on budget and looking for a cheap wardrobe, you definitely need to look into the MDF wardrobes. They have the elegance of a wooden wardrobe buthout being over the top expansive.

The Door types:

The next crucial thing to decide is which door type to choose. This entirely depends on your preferences and interior décor. • Mirrored door: If the back wall is quiet dark, you may want to go for a mirrored wall, which plays the room’s natural light and help lighten the room effect. • Wooden with screening panel: If you can’t afford an entire wooden door, then get a screening panel door with wooden supports. • Curtains: You can also install doors with wooden frames, draped with light and flowing curtains. It gives the room a soft and elegant look, and makes up for quiet a cheap wardrobe as well. image 2

Opening options:

They way your wardrobe opens up depends on the amount of space you have in the room. In a roomy space, you can afford to get a wardrobe with double doors which always looks elegant and lusurious. But if your room has a more modern and contemporary vibe, then go for the sliding doors.


There are a lot of options for the wardrobe interiors. But you can customize the as well according to your needs and specifications. • Single hanging bar: if you have a lot of dresses or gowns then a wardrobe with a single long hanging bar will work best. • Double short hanging bars: If you are more of a suit and shirts kind of person, short hanging bars are optimal. They give you the option to have more space for racks and drawers. • Shoe rack options: if you are a shoe person and love to stack up shoes, you can opt for a wardrobe with separate compartment to house all your beloved shoes. It will make your room look immaculate and your precious collection will be well stored as well. • Top shelves: the option of top shelves can house your luggage. Or you can keep your not so everyday stuff there and out of the way, like Christmas decorations or Halloween costumes image 3 So there you go guys, that is all you need to get yourself a perfect wardrobe.