150 cm mirror wardrobe

Why is a 150 cm wardrobe the best choice?

The design of the 150cm wardrobe is innovative. Instead of relying on joints for access, this wardrobe uses tracks. This helps the doors glide across. Thus, making this a perfect example of a sliding door wardrobe. To further bring design into focus. We have taken the liberty of adding mirrors to the sliding doors. Mirrors are great for reflecting sunlight in a sunlit room. They help create the illusion of space. The inner workings of smaller components give life to the whole wardrobe. To make sure that this 150 cm wardrobe stands out from the rest we have a hanging rail. This way you can hang your clothes without any issues.

The benefits of owning a 150cm wardrobe

Benefits are something that drives the entire customer experience. That is why for this 150 cm wardrobe the mirrors play an important role. They are great when you want to get ready in the morning for work. That is not all the wardrobe provides. The key thing is the ample space. In comparison to the 120cm wardrobe, the shelf count is 6.

Meaning that you get ample storage for your items.  The only reason that you invest in a wardrobe is to lessen the overall clutter in your room. Less clutter means that your room remains tidy throughout. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Why is a 150 cm wardrobe the best choice?

The query remains why the 150cm wardrobe is the best choice? Well, to answer it simply is the options it comes with. Things like LED light. This is an optional item that attaches to the wardrobe. It provides you illumination when you require it the most. The contraption comes with a European plug. This means that any electric socket will do. The LED is optional this means it will carry a charge. The shelf count for this wardrobe is 6. That means two presents on the top and four on the left-hand side adjacent to the hanging rail.

The features of a 150 cm wardrobe

Other features for the 150 cm wardrobe include colour choices. Currently, Woodlers offers this wardrobe in the colours white, black, and grey.  That is not the only reason customers prefer this wardrobe. The time to assemble this wardrobe is fairly simple. For many customers assembling a wardrobe is always a challenge. That is why our fitters can do the job for you. This will also carry a charge. The frame of the 150 cm wardrobe uses a 16 mm chipboard. These are created from the same source as plywood. They offer better stability and strengthen the whole wardrobe.

From a price perspective, you can get the 150 cm Wardrobe for less than £300. The ample storage space with the medium size is what makes this wardrobe the best choice.

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